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Xperia 1.1

***************************************** Arellia’s first thoughts when she arrived at the courtyard was, ‘oh no’. She serpressed a sigh, and held her chin up with a smile. The young girl who had escorted her glanced over her […]

Xperia 1.0

***************************************** Inside a fifty foot ring wall, made of solid stone, a city thrived. It’s buildings were structured to follow the perfect curve of the barrier. It had four small canals splitting the rings, and […]

Xperia 0.5

***************************************** Some of the guards didn’t take kindly to his confident words. Multiple charged at once toward him, swords in hands. Jaxon smiled, and with that smile Tessa’s body turned cold, the guards disintegrated into […]

Xperia 0.4

***************************************** The hall grew dark. The fresh coloured flowers withered. All went quiet like the world had died. Tessa stared wide eyed at her dance partner, his eyes had swirled into a green whirlpool, he […]

Xperia 0.3

*********************************** The courtyard was all marble sculptures, and well groomed hedges. Flowers from all over the country had been brought in honour of the Royal family, to bloom in the garden. It was usually a […]

Xperia 0.2

********************************** “Good evening” Tessa replied. The young man remained stood, but he adjusted his position to stand next to her.  “Care for a dance?” He held his hand out to her. Was he one of […]

Xperia 0.1

********************************** Tessa placed herself awkwardly beside her mother. For the remainder of the ceremony the two women hadn’t spoken. Even during the after party, and the newly wed couple had their first dance. Tessa made […]


I’m calling this little bit of fun Xperia because I am typing it on my phone. It’s not going to be perfect, it’s literally on the sly writing fun while I’m travelling or waiting for […]