Tidying Up.

Organising the messy Blog.

I have decided that my blog is a mess and I need to do some, probably well overdue, tidying up of the blog. I think I am going to take the story posts off the blog. Not delete the stories, just move them off here.

At this point I may delete an awful lot of the posts and maybe start all over again from scratch. If I do that I am hoping that I will have a nice clean slate to start again. I am not well at the moment which is why the physical development or progression haven’t been posted.

During this time of being ill I am going to do some much needed cleaning of the blog. I may delete it all and start again, or I may save some of the posts and start from there. I’m not quite sure yet. You will find out later what I decide to do.

I am also considering changing the theme… Basically, the whole layout of the blog may just change so that I may start again. A fresh new start.

Blog Under Maintanence.

I’m just going to leave this here. Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!

Luna vs Beds

Yesterday’s Disaster.

I may have broke my promise yesterday and said that I would post about this yesterday. Well, I am making up for it now. I didn’t post last night because I was just tired and wanted to watch Big Bang Theory with my partner for the night.

Anyway, yesterday I woke up to another Luna bestseller. Once again in a fight between Luna and a dog bed, Luna comes out the victor. For some unknown reason she had shit the bed. I don’t know what would have caused her to do that. Usually it means she has eaten something she should not have.

This left me with a dilemma, cleaning another dog bed. I threw it outside again in the dog bed graveyard and threw washing detergent over it. I left it for the night to soak in that detergent.

Then I attacked it today. Soaked it in washing up liquid and then scrubbed it with carpet cleaner. That did it. There was no more poop on the bed. It is now outside and drying in the sun.

The only question left is WHY!? Why does she ruin beds? She had been out before she went to bed, I slept I got up and I was going to walk her. Something made her unable to hold it.

But that was my unhappiness. I wasn’t raging screaming angry, but I was not a happy bunny yesterday morning. It set my whole day of the plan. I managed to still get things done but everything was later than it should have been. She seems fine now as well. I made her and Bandit share a bed last night and the two of them are completely fine. Once the bed is dry everything should be back to normal.

Tips if you have a puppy, or dog that has pooped the bed, or been sick, or even bled on the bedding, the best thing I have found to clean it is carpet cleaner Dr Beckmann. This has done wonders for me so far.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Oh Luna, so beautiful but just not lady like.

Cute Nutrition

Day 2

Today was the chocolate flavoured sachet. Oh, yummy! I have prepped this before doing the workout this morning, but I waited and did the workout before having it. It was worth it. Tasty, yummy, goodness.

I felt really good yesterday. It helped me feel full but not bloated or heavy which is great. I hate feeling so bloated and heavy. It makes me feel worse about myself afterwards. I don’t feel so guilty about having something either.

Today, is no different. I feel really good, it tasted yummy, and I took the dogs for a walk afterwards. Once again, I am full but not bloated or heavy. This is working out great so far. I will be taking progress photos eventually, I am just a little scared. My partner also decided to order a set of scales… I am going to weigh myself and see how heavy I actually am. I am terrified.

Cute Nutrition Unboxing.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 9

Yesterday, I felt good, I still felt as if death was knocking on my door during the workout yesterday, but I felt really good in myself afterwards. My body doesn’t look different but I guess the first thing to change is my mood. I still think I look disgusting but it no longer feels like a permanent downer. I am starting to think, yeah, I may get skinny again. Woo! So, positive thinking is kind of slipping in here.

Warm up.

My dogs made this a little difficult. As you can see from the photo they decided to lie as close as possible in my workout space. They did eventually move but only like halfway through the entire workout.

Let’s get those popping biceps and triceps!

My arms, since I was little, have usually always been my strongest point. When I was swimming my arms were my most active part of my body. My legs were lazy, but my arms pulled me through. Which is probably why I enjoy working my arms more than my legs, I would never skip leg day, but I would enjoy it less than my arms day. This felt good, though my shoulders burned, and the sweat was still real.

What… the… fuck…?

I have never done this video before. I was not ready. When she explained that it was going to be intense, yeah! no shit! I love Chloe Ting, I am a fan, but oh my god curses were definitely a thing after this. My heart was rupturing, my lungs were collapsing, and the sweat was pouring off me like a water fountain. Ten seconds rest between exercises is still not long enough. I am hoping I get to a point that ten seconds rest is too long. But for now it just isn’t.

Cool down.

Surprisingly I think improvement is happening in the stretches. The calf stretches don’t feel quite as painful. And I am managing to push my leg into a better position for my pigeon pose. I say this now but I bet by the end of the week I will be like, no! no, I take it back, ah!

She is still introducing new videos that I haven’t done before and the workouts from the videos I have done before are still killing me I just know what I am expecting. Or should I say I know what is coming my way. So, I guess this is how habits are created… right?

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Cute Nutrition

Day 1 – Three Day trial.

I did promise that there was going to be more than just Chloe Ting on this blog. I have not lied. This is not either part of my dogs or books. But as a second promise I will definitely post about them both today.

At the end of last week an advert came up while I was doing the workouts which is probably how it got me. It may also just be a sign that I am possibly very gullible. The advert was for something called cute nutrition.

The first thing that I saw on this advert was meal replacement shake. Now, I am very aware that meal replacement shakes are not really great, not maintainable and blah, blah, blah. So, I was going to ignore it. Try and get through this weight-loss the proper way. However, it dawned on me that me and my partner don’t eat enough healthy things to help with this whole weight loss plan. Of a morning we were both eating Belvita breakfast soft bake bars. Which are tasty but everyone knows and all of your doctors will tell you that the amount of sugar in those things could give a perfectly healthy never eaten sugar adult diabetes in one bar. As well as that I was constantly experiencing an acidic throat after eating one of a morning. My throat would be on fire, and would stay that way all day! It was torturous. There were points I just couldn’t cope, I took some of my partner’s rennies just to ease it. I had to take two doses and it still didn’t work.

I needed a replacement, and this happened to come up. I am aware of how adverts work. So, I know that my tech was listening out for words such as replacement, meal, that sort of thing. But it worked. I needed something that wasn’t going to make me feel like I was burning from the inside out, and claimed to have all the essentials that my body needs to function. I would have gone for fruit like my partner has with bananas, but I need bananas to be at a certain point before I am ready to eat them. To all nutritionists and dietitians out there judging, yes I am a picky eater but I don’t like the after taste of bananas before they get to the point that I like them. I don’t fancy forcing myself to eat it. I already tried that with salad. As a result of this, I decided to commit.

I checked out their website. They have quite a lot on there. Some of the stuff on there I thought not a chance weight loss capsules are not really a good idea. There is sadly no quick fix to getting to that ideal weight. I kept to the replacement shakes. They have quite a few flavours which caught me. However, I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to. I decided to try the three day trial pack that they have available.

The three day trial includes three sachets of the shake replacement, three different flavours, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream. Unfortunately, there was no option to pick the flavours. But I could forgive that given that the trial also included the cute shake cup.

I was going to wait, try out the three day trial and if I liked them or thought they worked I would then commit to regular shakes… Probably for the rest of my life. But I saw myself in the mirror in my bedroom. Even though I had been exercising and I didn’t feel or look any different at all. I know it was only a week and nothing happens instantaneously, but it was a self-esteem killer. So I committed to ordering the full shakes, enough to last two months.

The flavours I picked, I’m imagining, are going to be so yummy I am drooling at the thought. Vanilla. I am always a fan of vanilla, vanilla ice cream being my favourite. Cookies and Cream… I just imagine this is going to be just as creamy tasty as the vanilla. I will find out in the three day trial. Salted Caramel… who doesn’t love a bit of caramel? Then the last one I decided to try out because it is limited edition and I do like me some of it. Banofee Pie. Oh, I am looking forward to that!

I tried the first shake today of the three day trial. Strawberry. It was actually yummy. It also filled me without making me feel heavy or bloated. In fact I felt quite energised. I know it is only day one, but hey! I feel pretty good after that shake today. On top of this, I am not on fire from the inside out. I am really looking forward to the shake tomorrow! Oh sweet chocolate! I will check in again tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 8

Today has not gone the way I had thought it would go so far. I would feel angry but I think I wore my body out enough that I was just a little frustrated. Hm, frustrated is the wrong word, I am just not happy. Not shouty unhappy or screamy unhappy, just not happy. I will explain in another post a little later today. But anyway. My body from the previous week looks no different and doesn’t really feel any different either. Apart from my muscles being a little sore yesterday, but yesterday was a rest day which I think I have thankfully recovered.

Then today happened.

Warm up.

I have been doing this same warm up for a week and it is still getting my heart pumping. I may change it up after this week.

Full Body.

Oh wow, I got sweaty, and I couldn’t catch my breath between exercises. I managed to make it through the whole video in one piece unlike last week. If I was looking to compare my performance of this video to last week, it was still intense, and it still near killed me but my form lasted longer. I was just having trouble catching my breath in the exercise rest breaks. Ten seconds just isn’t enough right now still. By the time I got to the end of the video ten seconds was almost torture.

Brutal Abs.

I’m still not used to the fifty second stints of ab workouts. The burn still kills me and again ten seconds break just isn’t long enough. When the workout was done I lay on the mat to catch my breath again. I am a sweaty mess every time.

Cool down.

The stretches still don’t feel amazing afterwards. I am either, just not designed to get my splits or back bends, or it is working and I am just not noticing because it has only been a week. Either way my calves are still super tight to the point that I feel sick to stretch them and my pigeon pose just isn’t worth doing.

I completed the first week of this challenge. This leaves me with seven weeks left. My goal is to look and feel better about myself by the time I hit 29 at the end of the month. Yes, I become 29. By the time my birthday hits I will be on the 6th week of this challenge. My body should be showing some changes by then… Right?

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 7 – Rest Day!

Oh thank god! This is well needed! I know this may sound a little pathetic only three days of exercise, but I have a years worth of fat to get through, plus I am older not younger which means my body is having a harder time recovering. I am explaining myself but honestly nothing is going to make me feel guilty about this rest day. To help with this relaxation I am going to post the video of my favourite music artist in the world and her latest song.

Imogen Heap – Last Night of an Empire.

Have a happy rest day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 6

My shoulders were sore, my upper body felt pretty tight after yesterday. However, today I am going to call it wipe out day. Chloe Ting, you did it, you wiped me out. Just when I thought my body may have been physically improving or at least showing signs of improvement. I take it all back. I was proven completely wrong by today. Oh wow… I was not prepared for what she threw at me today.

Warm up.

I did the warm up, unaware of what was to come next. The only good thing I noticed about today was when I woke up I got up, got dressed, and got started. There was no pause or hesitation. (Although I imagine I probably should have given pause for what was coming). Which means this may just become routine for me.

She sent me to hell.

She got straight into it. My surprise began to tick when she said seventy seconds of high knees. What!? My surprise turned into a realisation “Oh no”. Burpees for a whole minute! Now, I used to not mind burpees, but I was very aware of how much they can just exhaust your body in just two goes. This realisation transformed into a punishing self-cursing “What the F*** was I thinking?”. I could not breathe! I had to walk for a couple of seconds once the video was over and then was punished further with the next video.


I thought I couldn’t breathe before? Suffocation took on a whole new meaning. My heart beat was having trouble keeping up with my body. I had to take longer breaks just to catch my breath a little bit. I was beaten but today did not end with that video.

Ho, yeah, because I have abs right now.

I was exhausted. Any form that I had improved on over the week. Is dead. Died. I was so sweaty, I was so tired, and all of me ached never mind the burn in my abs during this video. Once this video was over I lay on the ground just breathing. Once I sort of recovered I got up to cool down.

Cool down.

My arms didn’t want to lift over my head in that lunge position, and honestly all I wanted to do was lie down. She completely killed me off today. The only salvation was that tomorrow is a rest day. Oh I can’t wait! Rest day come at me.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!

Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 5

When I said yesterday that I was showing signs of improvement… I take it all back! After today I was clearly mistaken. Though thankfully, I wasn’t actually sore just a little tight. I don’t know if my lack of soreness means anything like maybe I am not working hard enough? But I am a little relieved that I am not sore because I think tomorrow I am going to be. Honestly… I am sore right now.

Warm up

As usual, a warm up is done. I will always do a warm up before the main workout but I don’t think this quite prepared me for what was coming.

Goodbye shoulders it was good while it lasted.

Yeah, this involved weights. I didn’t have to use weights, but I have decided that I am going to push myself while following Chloe Ting’s workouts. This basically means that any options that don’t necessarily need weights, fitness bands, or optional videos… I will commit. Due to this decision my shoulders officially hate me and are no longer shoulders. They are aching stubs with dead vines dangling from them. I hurt right from the first exercise. By the end of the video I was shaky. My shoulders were so sore. Sweat was dripping down the side of my face. Oh wow. It doesn’t help that following this video was this.

Arms? Upper body? What are these body parts?

My arms were aching before I got to this video. During this video my arms protested every lift of the way. Press ups were the devil, and another set of up and down planks were one of the devil’s evil agents. However, I will say, once again less breaks and pauses to when I first did this video. So, that is some form of improvement physically. The only thing is now my shoulders are so sore I am not sure they are going to work the way I want them to today.

Cool Down

By the time I got to the cool down my arms just didn’t want to do anything. They wanted to dangle by my sides and just not function anymore. Anything as simple as what I am doing now like typing made them so achingly tired. The stretches are still not satisfying but I am hoping if I lose weight it will shrink my body and make certain positions easier to access. Fingers crossed!

I know I have limited my posts to the Chloe Ting daily reports. But don’t worry, I will be bringing the books back. I have been reading just I have hit a disappointing and infuriating part that is giving me a hard time to get through. Plus I have new things coming that I am trying out. I am going to bring it all back and this blog will be full of lots of things… Hopefully!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 4

I just wanted to clarify, in case anyone was wondering. I am using pictures of my dogs for these posts because every morning when it comes to the workouts my dogs are the biggest obstacles in my way. Luna sniffs in my face and decides she wants to give me lots of kisses… this is going to sound gross but it isn’t because she loves me, it is because I am sweaty and my face is salty. Bandit is in the way in a different way, he doesn’t like to lick people, he just typically doesn’t but for some reason he has an odd obsession with my fitness mat. Even though we have a carpeted living room, and really comfy open dog beds, he likes to find the perfect spot on my fitness mat. And they are both prettier than me, so I thought everyone would appreciate their beautiful faces rather than mine.

Back to the point, yesterday was a wonderful rest day in which I literally did nothing. I sat on my arse while my “muscles”, whatever muscles are left under all the ice cream, chocolate, and cheesecake, healed. I just binged watched Castle that has been added to the Disney Plus app (Thank you Star!). I love Castle… don’t judge. Any part of my body that was sore thankfully stopped being sore just in time for this morning. Oh this morning…

I will always post a warm up video.
My balance sucks.

This started off great. The only thing I had to worry about were the fluffy fiends that decided they wanted to lie down as close to my workout space as possible. The first circuit was repeated twice and I was sweaty and out of breath but it was nice to get through something and not be dead already. Then the second circuit kicked in. I was doing fine until the muscles in my lower back, like just above where my butt starts, cramped up, and I mean it was painful. I ploughed through a couple of the other exercises but I just couldn’t. I had to pause the video and ran to my partner (Yes I interrupt him a lot while he is working and he still manages to get his shit done) and get him to massage the cramp out of my lower back. Oh wow, I think the extra weight and the lack of muscle my lower back just wasn’t prepared… Or I was doing something wrong. All I can say is after the massage I un-paused the video and continued on. The cramp came back in full force. Once the video ended I was on the floor letting my back equalise.

Oh yeah, my abs exist?

Luckily this begins with you lying on your back. My back definitely needed the break from supporting my weight. However, this was no break for the rest of my body. Oh the burn. I could tell my form was improving, certain parts of my body burned that had not the first time around. I was still a sweaty mess but a little improved. That is the miracle of the body.

Again I will always add a cool down in my post.

This was a good day, I was sweaty, I was still trying to catch my breath, but the pauses were less. I will take this as a good sign that my body is going to return the fitness level and strength that I used to be at. Though this will mean at some point I will need to get back on the pole.

The only thing that was worrying was my back. I took the dogs out for a walk after the workout and my lower back started to feel tighter with every step. The only relief I had was when I returned and I bent forward to unstrap Luna from her harness. It was an “ahh” sigh of relief. I am going to take today positively given that I think my form is improving. This is a good sign from my body. Thank you body.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!