Author: JCrichton

I am a working, business partner, currently trying to improve my writing skills. **Profile Image - Ian Lawson Photography. **

Poetry 3.0

Emotion 3 Hearts sinks trail of ice floods the cavity Blood drums inside the ears A shake makes the fingers quake Breathe steady voice quiver. Are you angry or afraid? Will you fight or flight?

Xperia 5.2

The doors slammed shut behind them as they made their way to Arellia’s room. The sun was setting already. It had been a day stuck in an office sifting through papers with language she didn’t […]

Poetry 2.9

Emotion 2 First is sight, an encounter, a glance. The smile introduction sets the heart racing. Too shy to speak first quivering adrenalin. Now lie in arms comfort heart settling. Be true to self. Love […]

Xperia 5.1

It was dismantled that evening. Arellia had ordered for some of the engineers to come and remove it without damaging the area in which it sat. Thankfully it had only been there for a couple […]

Xperia 5.0

“He was sent three petitions all signed against that machine”, Arellia said. It was more to herself to help her keep thinking through the mess that was the office. Thanks to Alasdair there wasn’t a […]

Poetry 2.8

Emotion 1 The burning swirl blaze flushes the senses All thoughts spit venom bitterness Breathe in green dragons fire Hold it in don’t sigh out poison flare. Hide with a smile, How you react is […]

Poetry 2.7

Lady luck Inspirational speeches From people considered role models Fail big to succeed big. Failure is a constant thing – success is rare. They forget that sometimes it’s lady luck Lady luck by chance places […]

Xperia 4.9

That moment never seems to arrive. When Arellia arrested her council the different districts all had something to say. In the end she had to arm herself with notebooks and pens. Meeting that would take […]

Xperia 4.8

They walked towards her room. She sat him down on the edge of her bed while she gathered a cloth and some cool water. “It’ll be cool but should take the redness down, and maybe […]