Author: JCrichton

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Xperia 2.4

***************************************** “We’re not all children…” Alasdair sounded pout, it put a small smile on Arellia’s face. “Some of us are older than we look”. He rushed toward a small boy that had waved to him. […]

Xperia 2.3

***************************************** When she reached the top there was a whole village of people living up in the trees. They were mostly children, with a few teens wondering around doing little jobs. “What is this?” Arellia […]

Xperia 2.2

***************************************** “Let go of me!” Arellia snapped, she scratched at his hand but he still didn’t release her. He walked with her dragged at his heels for a couple of minutes. He moved smoothly between […]

Xperia 2.1

***************************************** Behind Arellia was a young man, roughly the same age or so he looked, approached her. His hands held up as if that was to calm her. He was tall, skinny from the way […]

Xperia 2.0

***************************************** Her eyes squeezed shut while the cold that had touched her cheek seemed to sweep underneath her, and carry her somewhere. If she was to die shouldn’t she be brave, face it head on? […]

Xperia 1.9

***************************************** Arellia stepped out of the box room, and her ears were greeted with the soft crunch of grass. Her nose could smell damp dirt. The little hairs on her arms began to prickles, and […]

Xperia 1.8

***************************************** She was carried into a room over the Captains shoulders. It was barron of all windows, and painted black with one single ceiling built light directly in the middle of the room. It was […]