I am a Single Honours Creative Writing BA Graduate. I co-own a Pole and Aerial Fitness business called Azure Aerial and Pole with a very good friend. I have two beautiful Siberian Huskies. I love to read. I love to write.

But these sound almost a little boring and CV/Resumeish.

I usually feel a little bit shy to write about myself personally. But… I have posted pictures of my overweight belly more than once to the poor people of this world that saw them. So… Let’s get passed that point.

I am a UK citizen, born in Glasgow, lived in England since I was two years old. I would say I am a introvert that would really much rather stay in eat ice cream, read a book, while in my PJs then go out in town drinking until I can feel the world spinning on its axis while nearly crippling my ankles looking for a bar that doesn’t charge too much for the drinks. However, I still love the idea of dancing. Another thing I wish I had strived to try to be a dancer. I group Gymnastics, figure skating, and dance as the three things I wish I had at least given a go of when I was little. They are such beautiful forms of movement and the precise skill it takes to manuver the body like that just entices me. But I grew up on Swimming. The feel of the water to me is like when you find the perfect bed to sleep in. It feels so good to be in the water and I will never outgrow my love for that swimming pool chlorine smell… Yes I am a little bit crazy. Now, I have found more beautiful sports I love so much that myself and a friend started a business in it.

I was a late bloomer for reading. It took for a teacher in year five to kick me up the arse (not literally) and show me that I could be a better student than what I had previously been. I went to the library for the first time in my life in year five and the first book I read by myself was a childs book about a dachsund. Ever since then I have loved books. To temporarily be in a different world other than this one. To put myself in the characters’ worlds and for once achieve more than I am actually capable of. Even if it is by accident. I love the idea of learning new things… however, I seem to have an adversity towards the education system. There are people who are teachers that I genuinely believe just should not be teachers.

I am open minded about the idea of sex. No, before any of you wonder I am not a stripper. Not in an offensive way, but I am just not. I haven’t got the confidence to even consider trying it for my partner. But I think rather than censoring everything to do with sex away from our children I think we should be teaching them. Teach them the beauty that it can be, the intemacy between two people, and the dangers of it. I believe that society has taken censorship to a whole new extreme which is why children are exploring these censored subjects by themselves without guidance. Because they are going to come across it at some point. Whether that be outside of the home or inside. They are not stupid, and they are not blind. They are curious and should be taught about these things safely so they are more likely to make good decisions.

I am not a god believer. Sorry if this is upsetting but I don’t believe. I don’t believe in hell nor heaven. I don’t think I need the threat of eternal damnation to be a good person, and I don’t think any of you need it either. Be a good person because you want to be a good person. I don’t actually care if any around me believes, that is fine you believe in what you want, just understand that I don’t. People are people.

I love animals. No, I am not vegan, humans are omnivores so it is perfectly natural to eat meat. However, I do think farming practices should be better. Animals deserve our respect. I think we could learn something from them all the time everyday. My favourite above all are wolves. Wolves if I can will feature in my writing if I think it fits.

I think this is all I would like to say about myself right now. There is more, there will always be more but for now that will do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and see you all at my posts.

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