A New Challenge.

Hello everyone! I realise that I am probably doing this at an awkward time since everyone on the Northern side of the equator are all heading into the winter months. And typically for some people (not everyone, trying to be culturally aware) the winter months are for Christmas. The Merry season of Christmas. It is this time that most people will let themselves go. Freely run into all of their cheat meals and treats for the holidays. Now I know where you are all probably thinking this is going but I am going to tell you… You’re wrong. No this is not a challenge to remain good diet wise. Nope. I am going to limit my TV screen time!

Mindless Watching.

Now, I’m going to clarify what I mean. Recently, actually no, I’m lying to myself again. I noticed this a while ago. But I couldn’t sit at my laptop and trying to “write” without something happening in the background. Then my brain would phase out, my eyes would drift up above my laptop screen, and stare quite mindlessly at whatever I may have thrown onto Netflix at the time. I have watched a lot. A lot. I have watched the Equalizer multiple times because of my growing need to watch people who deserve to be punished actually get punished even though I know it only exists fictionally. I have finished watching Sex Life which I could have predicted how it was going to end and honestly… I found so many things dislikeable about it but I finished it anyway. I watched Little Women (2019) multiple times. Something I should probably read rather than watch but I have watched it a couple of times since. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society… What a name… The GL Triple P Society. So many times I could literally write an awful lot of the script beat for beat on here without having to look at it. I watched Jane Eyre which I’m not sure I like… Oh god I know Blasphemy!

Basically, long story short! I have watched so much Netflix, Prime, and Disney+ that I am now looking at all of these platform listings thinking – There is nothing left to watch… – Which isn’t true but I’m running out of the things that really catch my interest. Sadly though, this wasn’t what sparked this need to stop my weird watching addiction. It wasn’t even the fact that I was watching so mindlessly that all I wanted to do was just be mindless and I was finding that I was making the excuse of being tired when really I just didn’t want to think or make an effort for anything. Except pressing a button on my remote. It got so bad that I was even stalling until the last second to go the toilet. I would be practically bouncing until I eventually actually go. Then there is the eating. I have been microwaving two minute rice packets to eat. Just to have a quick meal… then get back to being nothing on the couch.

This is not to say that everyone who scrolls through Netflix, or Prime, or Disney+ is nothing. If this is a hobby you like to do with your family, your friends, or just for you that is fine. No judgement at all. But for me, I was starting to really dislike myself more so than I already do. I would sit on the couch with my laptop on my lap and maybe… MAYBE… write one or two sentences in the whole entire day. What? What the fuck me? I could have finished this project that I am working on ages ago, but me being possible a mix of just plain lazy or something else I haven’t finished it at all. And that isn’t ok. Not for me.

The Spark.

What first struck me to think about this weird none productive habit was when I was watching the Equalizer for the millionth time. The main character likes to say a particular line to the other characters that he is trying to help improve themselves. “Mind, Body, Spirit”. Now I know this isn’t something new, but when he was talking to other characters with that in mind it made me think about myself. Why did I feel like I couldn’t do something without that noise in the background? Or why did I turn on the TV as soon as I got home from the gym or from walking the dogs? How did I get to the point that I wasn’t even thinking about it, I was just turning it on without even considering what it was I wanted to watch?

Then I found that Netflix had added Little Women. Jo March was so dedicated to being a writer that that was all she did and she didn’t watch TV. They didn’t have a television back then. A thought occurred to me that I wanted to be like that. There was also Jane Eyre. I didn’t like Jane Eyre. But there are people who love it. Loved it when it was first published and still love it to this day. I am not vein enough to believe that I could be as good a writer as any of the Bronte Sisters. Or Jane Austen. But I realised that I had never read them. I had never read any of the classics. None. But I love reading. This is what has brought me to the conclusion that I really need to change the lifestyle I have all together, not just in my diet, or exercise regiment. But in how I choose to spend my time.

Limit, not cut out.

Now, because we are closing in on Christmas a lot of the time when my partner and I want to spend an evening together doing the same thing, eating food, and just being with each other. We spend quite a bit of time watching Christmas films leading up to Christmas day. That’s fine, I am prepared for that. It is why I stated that I would be limiting my TV time rather than just cutting it out completely. I would like to limit it to the times that I am eating or with my partner or when a friend visits. Otherwise, I’ll be reading, writing, or exercising in whatever way I happen to be trying out at the time. This will help with my challenge of reading a book a week.


Before I close this post off I am going to leave this here. It is just my own affiliate link to Waterstones. If you’ve been thinking of buying any books please click the link below it would help me out a lot. Thank you.


Anyway, that is my next challenge. I don’t really know if this will change my life all that much. But I am sure to find out later this week. Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!

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