I’m not Happy.

Quick Update.

As you can all read from the title this week’s progress is not a positive one. Actually, I am a little frustrated. The one thing you will find when you decide you want to lose a little weight is there is a cacophony of information. Each chunk telling you something different or the complete opposite of what you thought you knew. If you are in this confusing bubble just like me… You are not alone! I am confused with you, and I will try to work this out so that you don’t have to… This week, I got up 5am this morning just like last week. I weighed myself. Thirteen stone, four point six pounds. I have managed to put point six of a pound on. HOW!? How!? Someone please! Tell me how! I have cut down the takeaway food to nothing. I haven’t even had takeaway food. I haven’t snacked. At all! No ice cream. No chocolate. Nothing! I have had three meals a day. That is it. Nothing else in between. To top it off I have been exercising and been far more active than I have been in the previous couple of years in my life. So someone please! If you can give me a clear cut answer that doesn’t contradict everything that science has to offer me than please I am all ears because so far I am in that desperate space in which I will either literally chop out meals or just outright starve myself! Both options I know for a fact you are not supposed to do. But I will. I want to be out of these big baggy clothes that hide myself. I want to feel good when I do something. I don’t want to be disappointed when I am going out because even if I wear the nice clothes I don’t look nice in them.

Taking a breath.

I know everyone is different. I preach it to everyone. But I am tired of everyone telling me ‘Oh it is just a calorie deficit, you can still eat that biscuit as long as you are still in your calorie deficit’. Well, that can’t possibly be true. It just can’t. I have even watched this youtuber –


Frumpfit – And she is informative. But I can’t help it that every time I watch her videos I am left still feeling more confused than when I started.

Taking another breath.

I understand the mechanics. I understand that your body has a set resting energy amount to basically function. Then if exercise, you basically have an excess of energy used. Then when you eat you want to eat slightly less energy than you are using for weight loss. I get it. I understand it. However, apparently it is not working. I am exercising a lot. I am eating better. How could I have put on weight… and if you tell me it is muscle I am going to boop you on the nose.

Bright side.

There is a small bit of positivity to this whole entire endeavour. My swimming is getting better. I am managing a solid mile. And I am breathing every fifth stroke rather than every third. For the last couple of lengths I am doing tumble turns which is burning my lungs. The Chloe Ting workout I do before the swimming still makes me sweat and I felt it through my obliques and hips mostly. Oh and my lower abs. But I am able to swiftly transition from one exercise to the other, and I can do the exercises much more efficiently.

Every morning before a swim.

Extra Exercises.

Then on the days when I’m not swimming I was doing a full Chloe Ting routine in the morning before a dog walk. So… You’d think in some respects the weight would melt off… but no.

Goal for this week.

I am going to continue with the exercise, and I’m just going to play with the different things that I can eat that will help me with weight loss. I will let you all know next week how that all goes.

If you are just like me and are so confused by this whole weight loss thing then please feel free to like and comment on this post so we can share in this experience together. Thank you all so much for reading. I will write again soon. Bye!