Time to Catch up.

Where have I been?

Well, you probably weren’t wondering this, but I am going to carry on and pretend that you were. I haven’t been posting like I said I would. Actually, I had planned things when I last posted and I thought ‘oh great! I can get back into the rhythm’. However, this didn’t quite happen. Actually, what happened instead was myself and my partner made some very important lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes which have improved things but also meant that I needed to find a new rhythm to fit this whole blogging thing in.

New Lifestyle.

  • Early morning start.
  • Swimming.
  • Walking the dogs.
  • Chloe Ting.
  • Eating better.
  • Going to sleep better.
  • Self care.

All of these things. Not in that order. But all of these things have changed. I would like to think it was progressive… it really wasn’t. We are now on week three of this change. Let me tell you. Only now has my body not woken up in the morning and thought it was dying.

On the first day, which was a Thursday night. We started with an early nights sleep. We decided a time, 11pm, and got into the practise of setting up for bed an hour before. I will admit that was sometimes a struggle for me because of the times my classes finish on a Monday and Thursday night. Plus the current job I have (Thankfully, I don’t think it will be for much longer) may run over into the early hours of the night. But so far I have managed to keep up with this.

Then that first Friday morning hit. I’m not sure what being his with a lorry feels like. But if tiredness was a lorry, it had ploughed into me and kept driving. Not even a bump. I have been waking up earlier than my partner just because I would like to get a morning walk with the dogs before going to the gym. So, I am up 5am. The crack of dawn has not even began to blink its morning glow. And you’ll see me plodding the streets with my two babies in each hand. Those two are bright eyed and bushy tailed no matter what time they are graced with my hideous morning appearance.

Now my morning routine got a little complicated because Bandit needs his medication, and if I don’t give it to him first thing in the morning I will forget for the rest of the day which isn’t great. I know myself very well. I have been me for 29 years now. If I didn’t know me I’d be terrified.

  • 5am, Wake up.
  • Go the bathroom.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Get dressed.
  • Get the poochies out of bed.
  • Medicate Bandit.
  • Brush their teeth.
  • Take Juice Plus capsules.
  • Walk them.
  • Get changed for the gym.

All of this in less than an hour. I realise when I put it like this you might be thinking ‘Ha that is nothing’. You might have children. You might just have a more productive morning than me. But for me this is a lot to cram into the first hour of waking up. Especially when, on that first Friday, I was like a walking zombie.

Then I went swimming. My partner would go the gym. I haven’t been swimming in years. Those times on holiday do not count because really, who does laps on holiday? If you are a person who swims laps even on holiday, I clap and congratulate you. You are very dedicated. That is a good thing, well done. I, however, have not done that. Not even close. But I remember all of those years of competitively swimming. My coach instructing me on technique for all of those years. I haven’t lost that. My muscles remember what to do. What I have lost in tons. Stamina. Christ, I couldn’t do more than two lengths, and my breathing was all over the place. I think I did… twenty minutes… maybe… total. Before getting out and going home. My partner the same.

Honestly, the goal for the beginning was just to get us both there and doing something. And to do it regularly. He also started to come on the dogs’ morning walk with me between gym days. Active rest days. Which is definitely a nice change. I enjoy his company, even if he calls himself a miserable bastard. (He isn’t by the way, he is just very mean to himself).

Week two came along and I decided I was going to change it up. I weighed myself the Monday of the second week. I didn’t dare do it on the first week because I knew I would be heavy. But I did on the second. Sort of like a padded strike to the self-esteem rather than a baseball bat. I weighed in at thirteen stone and five point two pounds. Wow, for my height and age that is bad. No denial here, it wasn’t muscle, that was/is all takeaway food (McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, Chinese, Indian food) sitting in my gut doing nothing but weighing me down. Time to get rid of that. As a result of this discovery, I decided to intensify things again. That first hour in the morning that was quite complicated. Well I made it more complicated.

  • 5am Wake up.
  • Go to the bathroom.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Dogs out of bed.
  • Brush dogs teeth.
  • Medicate Bandit.
  • Take Juice Plus capsules.
  • Walk them.
  • Chloe Ting fifteen minute workout.
  • Get changed for swimming.

Yes, I have done probably an overload of things to get this softness off my body. But I have managed to keep it up for a week. There is no jumping in this video. She is actually quite mild given her other workout intensities. However, this still gets the blood pumping, muscles aching, and lungs panting. I sweat. Even though it is fifteen minutes. I sweat like a water fountain.

Daily Morning.

I only did this on the days that I was up for the swimming. Which were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Three days a week. This and some swimming. Not too bad if I’m honest. I love Chloe Ting’s workouts. The first day I added this to my routine before the swimming I felt the difference. Mostly in my arms. But that is my own fault. I have lazy legs in swimming. Always have. They are there, they do kick, just not as much as they should. My arms carry me when I swim. However, I felt the difference. I was shattered. Taking roughly thirty minute naps. Which is bad but hey, you can forgive me, my life routine is just not the same.

This week is going to be the interesting week. I have noticed that this week is the interesting one because when I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel like death. I just woke up. I got up. No aches for more bed time. Nothing like that. I was up. I was ready to go. I weighed myself today as well and discovered I had dropped a little bit to thirteen stone and four pounds. I am willing to take that as a win. This is also going to be the week that I add a little more Chloe Ting to my routine. My partner will not wake up before 6am. Unlike me, he hates exercise, but he is doing it because he is… (Ah! I hate saying it!) fat, overweight. Anything I can do to help make his journey to the gym in the morning easier, I am doing. I really don’t want him to give up on it. Is that selfish of me? Please let me know. This 6am wake up for my partner also applies to the mornings that we don’t go the gym, he comes with me on the dogs walks. This has meant that on the active rest days I have been waking up at 6am. Which is probably bad practise but it seems to be working so far. This week is going to be different. This week I am getting up at 5am even on the days I am not swimming. I am going to use that hour to do Chloe Ting’s 2021 2 Weeks Shred Challenge. Yes, I do imagine I am going to be exhausted. This shift that my body is feeling this week is probably going to disappear quickly and return in full force to the exhaustive ache that I felt for the first two weeks. But, I need results. I have done a lot of unhealthy damage to myself. Emotionally, and physically.

More Changes.

It hasn’t been just the exercise and the morning routine that has been different but also food. I’m not a cook. Not even close to one. I am also a very bad fussy eater. Unfortunately, if you tell me that I am just being fussy and I will get over it. You will just annoy me and make me angry. It is a line I have heard for years. This fussiness is not something I am choosing to be. If I could, I would love salad, I would love to eat everything under the sun. But… I find food gross. It isn’t just the taste of the food, I am squeamish with it. I cringe at the idea of cleaning a particularly messy looking plate. Even though I know what has been on it, I genuinely feel like food is just grim. I do hide this, especially in work, when I am scraping plates I tend to hide the fact that my whole body is dying on the inside.

But the taste and texture of the food is something that really gets to me. I have tried to eat salad. I really have, but the more I ate it the worse it got and then I was just dreading meals that had salad in them or on them or around them. I don’t want to dread meals. Dreading meals just results in skipping food altogether which is just worse.

Because I don’t eat healthy enough that is why I have been making a point of having the juice plus capsules. They help give me everything that I am missing that my body needs.

Takeaway food has also been greatly cut down. We were at one point having a takeaway dinner seven days a week. It has now dropped to once a week. Which is fantastic. Another thing that I have cut out is snacking on chocolate or ice cream… oh yes, my greatest love in all the world. Ice cream. More specifically, cookies and cream by Haagen Daz. Yummy creaminess in a tub. A tub I used to devour whole in less than an hour in one sitting. Yes, you can tell me. No wonder I am fat. I tell myself that everyday.

All Caught Up.

That is nearly everything. I have changed eating. I have changed exercise. I could talk about the self-care side of things but I am thinking of leaving that for another day. I have quite a few books that I need to write about and discuss on here which will be coming later I think. I will be keeping an update on my progress. Not through pictures. I am not a selfies kind of person, actually to be honest, pictures in general. I am not a photographer sadly, so you will just have to live with my words. Let my thousands of words speak to you, that maybe one picture could speak. I am just not that good at it. I forget to take them. Then that messes with my whole OCDness.

I hope this has given you a little insight as to what I have been doing with my life. Thank you so much for reading. If you liked it, please like and give me a comment. I will write again soon. Bye!