Chloe Ting – Flat Belly Challenge.

Day 25

I am sore and exhausted from yesterday. The back of my legs more specifically. I am so unbelievably tight in my hamstrings. I feel really good about yesterday, and I feel good about today too. I didn’t wake up as early as I did yesterday but I still got up and did my workout.

Warm Up.
Lower Abs.

Nice and easy ten minute lower abs burns. I was still sweaty afterwards. And it still made the lower abs burn. I felt really good with my form. I am doing the exercises easier.


Because I’m so tight from yesterday my body felt everything I tried to do. I even tried to really push my body into the stretches and it just wasn’t happy.

I noticed that I have literally have only four days of actual exercise on this challenge left. I do feel bad for taking such long breaks but I will try to work through the next challenge without needing to take the long breaks.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!