Chloe Ting – Flat Belly Challenge.

Day 24

It has been a long time. Too long really. I, honestly, lost my motivation. And it felt difficult to get it back. Because I wasn’t seeing any sort of improvement and I was returning to aerial and pole training again, which I couldn’t do anything made me feel really low about myself I think. Which just made the vicious cycle of not exercising at all and just staying where I was… Oh wait no, I was getting weaker in the whole time I wasn’t doing anything. Yes, wonderful. Now, I have managed to get up off my arse and finally get back into the Chloe Ting workout, and training! Hopefully this will help bring me back to where I would actually like to be again.

Warm Up.

This really set me up. Once I started moving again with this warm up my body just sort of clicked with it and said – Oh, yeah we used to do this.


I actually, weirdly think that, thanks to the break I have just had. My form felt a lot better, I was more comfortable in the movements, and I was able to focus on engaging the abs through the workout. Rather than thinking – Oh christ, just get through it.

Full Body… Burn.

I used to call this full body hell. When I first did it I genuinely thought that she had designed this as a new fun way to torture people. However, I did it today and really wasn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a sweaty mess, and my body ached to stop, and forty five minutes felt like forever. But I think because of the break I have a different perspective on it and it really wasn’t that bad at all.


I will admit one sad thing. I seem to have lost any progress I might have made with my stretches in that break. My quads are particularly tight. I’d like to actually start getting somewhere with the stretches so I may try and push my body that little bit extra and see how it goes.

There will be a new thing I will be keeping an eye on after today. I have bought myself a watch that will help give me a rough indication of where and how my body is doing. Fingers crossed for me.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!