Out of control

All over again!

Clearly making plans is just not meant for me. I had a severely strict plan for today and things have popped up and got a little bit in the way. I say in the way, they just kind of take priority at the moment.

As an example, yesterday at work, an injured baby pigeon entered the restaurant. No one had seen where it had come from. My friend caught it, and we put it in a box (No lid!), with some seeds and some water which it drank. However, there was talk of leaving it. I couldn’t, I offered to take it home and I would call a wildlife rescue in the morning because, Ha! get this. Animal rescues close on Sundays. Yes. So, I now have a little injured baby guest in my guest bedroom. Which I will need to drop off at the wildlife rescue once she has sent me an address.

I, stupidly, didn’t realise that I needed to go and pick up doggie food today which, for me, is a long journey. That will take up most if not nearly all of my afternoon. I know my family, and everyone will be screaming at me that there are other places that I could get my dog food. But! before anyone argues with me about it! I go to that place because I like the family that run it. They didn’t just sell me the food, they care about my dogs, they got to know them, and when someone tried to prosecute me for something that had happened, they helped me by writing a character reference. I also know the shop, I know what is where, and what I am feeding them. They don’t sell something that they wouldn’t use on their own pets.

My house has also become extremely fluffy. The dogs are clumpy. They need another major brushing because of this HEAT! and my carpet currently looks like another dog might just mould itself out of the fluff. Which means I need to also majorly aggressively brush my carpet of all the fluff. How is my house my third dog?

I am planning on being super me tomorrow though. Today can be another messy me incident which seems to happen on a loop a lot with me. I understand if that is frustrating to hear, but things keep coming up. Tomorrow should be better.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!