The body hates change.

Even when it needs it.

Today I am supposed to be doing day sixteen of Chloe Ting’s challenge. I am also supposed to be writing. However this morning I woke up feeling rough.

Every five minutes a new wave of nausea hits me, I’ve got a headache. Every time I stand up I have to debate if I should run to the bathroom or should I just lie down. So far, I haven’t been sick but I suspect that is because there is nothing in my stomach to vomit.

My partner is the same, we both woke up like this, he is in a worse position because he is working. But the two of us lay in bed thinking what might have done it. Yesterday we had no snack food, no takeaway food, we had normal food.

Sugar withdrawals. Argh.

Everyone who typically start eating healthy all start with the end result. All they say about the journey is – it was hard – just hard? This sucks. The end result I’m hoping is worth it but my body is rebelling. It is just rejecting the change.

So what they should say is – eat healthier, it is going to suck at first, but hopefully you’ll feel better than ever -. I know why they skip saying that because you want to encourage and sell the healthy eating. But after being pumped full of shit for years, suddenly eating healthy is going to be like a person addicted to drugs just suddenly not taking any anymore. The body is shocked and rebelling against it.

First Mile – first week – first day. The body has a pattern. It doesn’t like change! Even though it needs it! Haha oh great. Fingers crossed I remember that things will get better if I keep going.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!