Chloe Ting – Flat Belly Challenge.

Day 13 & 14 – Rest day.

I made yet again another booboo, yesterday. I got up, did the workout, had a shower, cleaned the house, brushed and cleaned the dogs, and forgot to post about it. Damn it! So today is my posting catch up. Yesterday, I was sore from the Friday workout. My thighs felt like they just didn’t want to work, and didn’t know how to work. But I did it… barely.

Warm Up.

Oh warm up, thank you for always being nice and steady. Where would I be without you?


I feel a little bit like my muscle memory is what carries me through this video right now. In the two week break I lost all strength but at least my muscles remember what they are supposed to be doing… even if they can’t do it as good as before. (What have I done to myself?).

Abs & Hiit.

Damn. Hiit workouts is not where I thrive. But luckily it was not as long as that forty five minute beast of a video that I did on Friday. How quick this went helped me cope with it.

Lower Abs.

Aw, my body just didn’t want to do this. I was already shaky from the video before, and everything I did just made me quake like an earthquake. My lower abs actually ached. Wait, what? My lower abs were aching? Does that mean I have lower abs? Yay, they are finally there!


I think my hip flexors might be improving. They are still tight but I can sit in my lunges a little better. I could still feel the stretch, but it wasn’t as impossible.

This was what I should have posted yesterday. However, I was a bit of an imbecile and forgot to post it. Today is a rest day, and the weather looks quite nice, except there are clouds coming over. So, that probably won’t last long.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!