Two Week Break.

Enough now.

Hello, I know I said that I was only going to take the weekend off from the exercises. Apparently, I lied. I have taken two weeks off. And I took it away from everything. So, from the blog, from the exercises, and from training. I am not sure why, but I felt like I needed that. I just wasn’t one hundred percent with myself. It might have just been me, being my typical lazy self, but I’m not sure. All I know is, I have taken two weeks off.

During the last two weeks I considered the fact that I had been exercising for weeks and not lost any weight. My strength had improved, and probably my fitness, but my actual weight did not shift. I also considered the fact that my writing had slowed down somewhat. I think I was just getting annoyed with myself which is why I needed the break.

The main question that came to me was what was the point in me doing all of these things, when I wasn’t giving it one hundred percent of my effort. I was still eating crap when I was exercising, and I mean a lot of crap. I wasn’t reading really anymore, and my writing was literally going down to just a couple of words a day. What is that!?

So, in the last two weeks I took a break. I wanted to reset myself. Now, I am at the point in which I am just so fed up with myself, it is time to get back into the game. Today is the last day of the two weeks off and I have already had my last, and I mean LAST, chocolate and ice cream splurge. Tomorrow I will be behaving myself with food, I have already started reading again, a book I am thoroughly enjoying, and I have wrote two chapters in the last two days… What!? Really!? Oh yes. I am on it! Tomorrow I will be returning to the fantastic Chloe Ting again. Right where I had paused. Day twelve. Flat belly challenge. This time my eating will behave. I will be reading again. And writing will dominate my days.

I feel a little bit like I should blog it all, to keep myself on top of everything. Which is what I am going to try and do. I hope it helps. I am sorry that I have been away for two weeks. Tomorrow I will return hopefully better and more disciplined than ever… Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!