Taking a recovery Break.

Not feeling one hundred percent.

Yesterday I know I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent. Today I feel just that little bit worse. Which is making me think I am coming down with some form of cold. Which is not ideal when trying to stay fit and train.

I don’t want to feel worse or keep exercising only to not recover properly. With this in mind I have decided to take a break from everything. All the exercising and training. I am going to rest today, tomorrow, and Sunday. When Monday hits I will pick the workouts up again.

Sorry, I know this wasn’t what I had originally planned, and I blitzed through the workout schedule to catch up with the actual schedule. However, my health is important, and how I feel is important. Three days is not going to ruin my fitness too badly, however getting back on top of it on the Monday will make up for it.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!