Chloe Ting – Flat Belly Challenge.

Day 11

I feel a little off this morning. I’m not sure if I am completely one hundred percent alright. However, I still got up and did the workout today. I made it through it. Which means after today I will be completely caught up to where I am supposed to be in the schedule. The only thing that I’m a bit nervous about is that the rest day is Sunday. Which means I have a few at least two more days before another rest day.

Warm Up.

This tired me out more than I think it should have.


This also knackered me out quicker than I think it should have. Actually, I am pretty sure at this point I kept thinking about the end. Which isn’t great for motivation to keep going because I knew today was going to take longer to finish. With this one being ten minutes, then the second video being thirty minutes, and then after that another ten minutes.

Full Body.

I was, once again, dripping in sweat with this video. I had to tighten my shoes just before it started because they were trying to slip off my feet in the middle of some of the exercises. Which meant my feet were killing me part of the way through because of the adjustment to my shoes and feet.

Lower Abs.

I was just aching but I had gone passed the halfway point so I found the spluttering motivation to get through the workout today. My focus was mostly on just keep going.


Come on hip flexors. My body is not feeling great my hip flexors could at least give me a win today. Nope, they are still unbelievably tight. Damn it.

Clearly, today was not my one hundred percent day but I still got up and did it. I am going to try to motivate myself into training today since the sun is out right now.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!