Rescue Puppy.


Mannuck, is a husky that my partner’s lovely mother adopted from me after I took him home from a young girl who saved him. He was adorably cute, a big softie, and the weekend just gone he passed away. Myself, my partner’s mother, and her partner are absolutely gutted.

I call him my rescue puppy because roughly seven years ago I bumped into Mannuck and a young girl on a walk with Bandit and Luna. The three of them were still very young and they got along on the walks great. Bandit would try to dominate the poor boy but he was a very none reactive dog so it never went any further than the first ten minutes of ‘Me, I’m the boss!’. On this walk the young girl told me how she got him, he was very skinny, and really timid with people.

I’m fuzzy on the details. However, from what I remember her saying. She caught the original owners of Mannuck beating him. So she took him, the original owners didn’t care and said that he would drive her insane too. I’m assuming that the original owner was a man, because Mannuck was more nervous around men than women. It also made sense because he flinched from sudden movements, kept his distance if he didn’t know you, and never liked it when someone touched his backend. Plus he was seriously skinny. The poor boy had been severely neglected. The young girl also mentioned that her mum was allergic to him but if she can get control of it everything should be fine.

Suddenly the next day I was sent a message from the young girl stating that her mum can’t cope with the allergies and they can’t keep Mannuck. I was apprehensive just because I already have two dogs, and my family had never met Mannuck. I asked her what would happen to him if I couldn’t pick him up. I shuddered at the response. He would go back to his original owner. No, I wasn’t about to leave a dog to be abused and neglected. I strapped up the dogs, called a friend to come with me, and we took Mannuck home.

The phone call to my mother that day was actually quite funny. When she answered the phone I think I remember saying “Don’t freak out, but how would you feel if there was three sets of paws in the back garden right now in stead of two?”. She asked me why was there another dog in the back garden. When I explained that he had come from a bad place she decided not to kill me. When she got home, she saw Mannuck’s beautiful face and fell in love with him.

It was chaos in the house for a couple of weeks because there were three dogs and Mannuck hadn’t quite fallen into the routine with the other two. I took him to the vets at some point in those couple of weeks. He was a very good boy, they checked him over and apart from being seriously underweight and malnourished he was ok. Nothing serious came up. And because of how I got him, they scanned him for a microchip. The microchip had misinformation on it. According to the microchip he was called Mannuck, he was a typical run away, and he was neutered. The vet had just checked him, he was not neutered, he was still fully intact. Add that to him being underweight, the vets looked at me, looked at the dog, and said “Yeah, that’s suspicious we are just going to leave him with you”. Thumbs up from the vets fantastic.

However, we were due to travel and didn’t have enough room for all three canines for such a long trip. Plus, the chaos with all three of them was a little exhausting. My partner suggested to me that his mother was looking for a dog and probably wouldn’t mind looking after him while we were away. That’s excellent. We arranged for her to meet him. The moment she walked into the house and saw him curled up on the couch that was it. We had found a winner. My partner laughed to himself and said ‘Oh shit, we are getting a dog’.

She took him for the weekend and loved him. I am pretty sure after that he was her baby. She took him in, and loved him every second. He was spoilt rotten. The gorgeous boy went on more holidays than me. He loved the beaches at their UK holidays. He had treats everywhere. Once, she forgot to clip his lead on to his harness when they were getting ready for a walk, and he bolted out the door as he normally does on the lead thinking she was behind him. She panicked. ‘Oh shit!’ ran into the house, grabbed a chunk of cheese from her fridge and ran to the front door. When she got there, he had realised that she wasn’t behind him, and he waited at the bottom of the hill from her house. She held the cheese in the air and shouted. ‘Mannuck! Cheese!’. He bolted it as fast as he could back to the house.

He has lived an amazing life, and been spoilt rotten all the way up until he passed away. I don’t really want to go into the details of his passing because I will just start crying again. But before I end this post I just want you all to know that that is why I think I have been a little off with everything this week.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!