Chloe Ting – Flat Belly Challenge.

Day 10.

Yesterday after the workout I felt really drained that I most just fell asleep afterwards. I literally ate and slept most of yesterday which kind of meant that I forgot to explain my little blip from Monday. That is ok, I will sort that all out today. Today is going to be my catch up day. My mornings seem to be fixing into a set rhythm. Wake up, read for an hour, get dressed and walk the dogs, then begin the workout.

Warm Up.

My form is getting better and better with this. I know I have been doing it every workout so far so it is going to get easier. It is one of the things I have noticed about this particular challenge. It is much more repetitive than the last challenge I did.

Abs & Hiit.

I’ve done this twice before and it still makes me sweaty and exhausted afterwards. I must be depending a lot on my thigh muscles because during the plank bunny hops my thighs burn!


My hip flexors are still as tight as ever. My hamstrings are also proving to be tight as well. It is immensely frustrating to know that I could stretch and stretch for hours and days and my legs just won’t budge.

The weather seems to have taken a turn on the colder and wetter side. So, I haven’t been able to train as much this week. However, what I may do instead for a while and see how I feel is a summer body shred series that Chloe Ting has from 2017 in the evening before bed.

Abs & Full body.

I have never done this video before. So, I am going to watch it now to find out what I should expect and see how I feel afterwards. I am hoping it will help me lose weight a little faster. Or at least make me a little stronger. Since I can’t train regularly.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!