Chloe Ting – Flat Belly Challenge.

Day 4.

I needed a rest day desperately. So, even though I had my trauma yesterday. I still had a rest day from exercise and training. Which I desperately needed. I was starting to develop an odd drained feeling all the time. It was constant even during times when I wasn’t doing something. But then I had the rest day yesterday and I think my body has recovered at least a little bit.

Warm Up.

This is getting smoother. Given that this is the third time of me doing this video I am starting to find a nice rhythm with it. My abs are still burning. But my form is getting better and I no longer time check the exercises to see how long I have left.

Full Body.

This is a long, exhausting, sweatathon of a workout. It has its own warm up and cooldown which I follow even though I have already done a warm up and I will be doing another cooldown sometime afterwards. My thighs are the first thing that really start to die first. Who ever says that she doesn’t do an awful lot of cardio, you must be joking. If you don’t do some of her longer videos then you have no idea.

Lower Abs.

This is a new one. I enjoyed this workout a lot even though my abs were burning and I was exhausted from the previous videos. If I can build my lower abs strength that will benefit me a lot in my pole and aerial training.


I am getting into a better flow with this cooldown. I have been trying to improve the flexibility of my hip flexors though they still seem to be as tight as ever. God damn it legs.

I feel good today, the workout wasn’t so bad, it took a while but you can’t make progress in just ten minutes.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!