Pole & Aerial Training.

Week 2.

Monday was the beginning of week two of my pole and aerial training. So far, so good. As I said last week I had to start completely from the beginning again because my body just didn’t have the strength I used to have to do the things I used to do at the level I did them. Another thing as well is the conditioning of my skin for the pain tolerance needs to be built up again.

It is going to take me a long time but I discovered that I am already showing signs of improvement. I couldn’t even lift my body an inch off the ground with just the strength of my arms. This week I can at least bend my arms a little bit which lifts my body off the ground a mere inch but it is still progress!

I haven’t been taking pictures of myself while training just because I am still not feeling overly confident about it. I will be taking pictures this week just to see if I am actually doing the poses rather than feeling like I am doing them.

My next goal is to get my invert back this week. I can invert but with a messy jump and kick. I used to be able to invert without doing any of that. Just my muscles lifting my body and tilting me upside down. Come on muscles!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!