Hierarchical Structure.

Not Happy.

I’m not happy right at this very second. Nothing too dramatic but Bandit and Luna have just had a little fight. Honestly, I have no idea what over or why. I was just coming in the house from training as were the two of them and they broke out into a random fight… We don’t fight in my house. I can guarantee that in that little spat Luna got out of it unscathed while Bandit probably has a couple of new tiny tooth shaped bald spots somewhere. It is always the way in these fights, he makes noise but never really hurts her, she hurts him. The amount of times I have come across him with a chunk missing from his nose is usually a tell tale sign. This time he isn’t missing anything from the nose area but they still had a little spat over something and for the life of me I can’t find whatever it is. Just because they fought at all I am not a happy bunny and they know it… The little shits.


I get asked this quite often but do the two of them fight often? Or do they get along? I would say the two of them actually get along very well. They don’t fight often, and when they do it is nothing too traumatic they don’t hold onto each other it is just a lot of noise and bite release motions. That might be because I do the opposite of what you are supposed to do in that situation. I jump right in and stop them.

But honestly, no they don’t fight often at all. I can’t even remember the last time I had to deal with a fight. It is usually over food or Luna can sometimes think that she owns the space. Even though the little madam doesn’t.

Who’s the Boss?

I would like to say me. I would like to say, oh yes I have total and complete control over the two of them. No, I really don’t. They may listen to me when they know they have done something wrong and I’m coming for them. But they both like to press my buttons. One example, I was in my partners office asking him about what he would like for lunch. Luna was in there with me and there was a scrap piece of pizza left on the side. I saw her sniff towards it and I shouted at her no. She heard me, she knew she shouldn’t because she pulled away briefly. But then as quickly as she could she tried to snatch it into her mouth to eat it before I got to her. Her plan didn’t work however, because I was directly over her and was watching her naughty little brain calculate how fast she could get that piece and how fast I could get her. She did not enjoy that little outcome. I got her by the scruff, which any dog who has been with their mother hates, and she made a lot of noise as I pulled her away from the piece of pizza and told her to get out of the office. She left the office with no pizza and an angry mama.

Bandit is the same. Only he is a bit more obvious and doesn’t care if he is caught kind of attitude. We could have ordered a McDonalds for dinner and have the bag of empty boxes to the side. He will walk over and stick his head in it. Even if myself or my partner tell him off he keeps it in there like, yeah I’m deaf for the next couple of seconds. It’s not until I get up off the couch that he pulls his head off and goes into a playful stance with me. I feel like screaming this isn’t a game you bastard. Ha!

So, I would like to say it is me. But it really isn’t. Then again I don’t know out of the two of them either. They both have their little ticks that set them off, they both eat at the same time. They walk together side by side. They both leave through a door at the same time and everything. So, I honestly couldn’t tell you who is at the top of the hierarchy. I can say that I am very angry at the two of them equally right now though.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!