Pole and Aerial Training.

Week 1.

Here it is. The reason I have been spending more time in the back garden. I have been training. The weather has improved. And I have access to the equipment. Of course some of the equipment is shared so my business partner may need it at some point. But I have been training again.

Stage Pole.

I started with Pole. Oh wow. I was so weak… No, let me change that. I am so weak. I can’t even lift my body weight. Then there is the fact that my invert is barely existent. What makes it worse is all of the conditioning that made my skin practically immune to how painful pole is on the skin. My finger tips tingled, the back of my knees stung, and I even tore a little bit of skin on one of my fingers. I can’t believe how crap I let myself get to. Because of this I need to start at the very beginning. Beginners moves and conditioning to get my strength and conditioning for my skin back to the level it originally was at.

A-frame with Aerial Silks.

The main issue with this was getting it up. It took me over an hour to get the A-Frame up by myself. I don’t know how my business partner did it by herself but I managed by leaning it against the fence! Once it was up I realised I can barely climb, I can barely hold myself in the silks. The wrist key pinched my wrists and everything about me was just weak. I still couldn’t lift my body with my arms so my legs had to do most of the work that my arms failed.

I feel good about getting off my arse and finally going out to train. Especially now with the weather getting drier. However, I am very annoyed at myself about letting myself get to that point of weakness. Why have I done this to myself? I am at a beginner level for everything. I really hope it doesn’t take me too long to get back to where I was, but for now this week, I know I will be all beginner.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!