Hello neighbours…

Original post date.

I should have posted this yesterday but I was just really, really tired. My brain decided that it didn’t want to properly focus on anything. So, I am posting it today instead.

Our home.

As you all will know roughly nine months ago my partner and I moved into our new home. It is a detached house with a rather nice back garden. The fences are nice and high. This means that I can securely allow my canines to roam the back garden without worrying about them performing a very sudden heart stopping magic trick. Escape. Something the two of them were very good at when they were younger. Ruffians.

The Neighbours.

We have a neighbour that shares a fence on the side. They own a few pets. From what I remember the previous owners of the home stating that they own roughly five hairless cats and two french bulldogs. The two french bulldogs are what have caught my beautiful poochies attention.

My Back Garden.

Recently, for the last few days I have been spending more time in the back garden. This is partly because of the weather and partly because of something else that I will be posting about just a little later.

Because of this extra time in the back garden I have noticed that Bandit and Luna have been frequently trying to say hello to the neighbours. Luna will sniff at the fence, and Bandit will follow. Both of them then start whining and sort of howling towards the fence. This isn’t a bad thing, I wasn’t too concerned about it until the two of them started digging in one corner and scratching at the wood of the fence. Ah! No! Don’t do that! I tried to get them not to do that. They did stop scratching and digging but still made the howling whining noise.

Normally, there is no response to this noise. But for the first time ever yesterday, they got a little dog bark. The two of them got excited. Running around the garden like a toddler that just opened a new toy. I then heard the human neighbour telling the responding dog off for barking which made me feel guilty. I had allowed my dogs to antagonise the neighbours dog until it got into trouble. Whoops. Hello neighbours?

The neighbours at my last home possibly hated me and the dogs because Bandit had ended up in her house once. I am really hoping that I don’t make this neighbour hate me. Thank god Bandit can’t hop the fence anymore.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!