Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 51.

I am absolutely exhausted. I will explain a little about the true reason why a little later. Today I woke up with a underlining ache of exhaustion. My body is really feeling the strain I am putting it through. I actually wasn’t sure I would make it out of bed, but I did, and I got dressed and set up for the workout.

Warm Up.

Eight weeks later and now I found my body is fit enough to get through the warm up and not be puffed out.


For once in the eight weeks of this challenge this video was the first one to day in the sequence. The only thing I have figured out is that one of the exercises I am still useless at. But the rest of them I feel really good about. My shoulders burnt and I could feel the space between my boobs tightening.

Arms & Upper Body. x1.

This felt really good as well. I am starting to really feel the improvements. Because of the weight workout before this I was shaky and not sure I would be able to do the push up. But I made it!

Arms & Upper Body. x2.

I actually made it through the workout ok. I wasn’t so exhausted that I had to flop onto the ground in a pile of sweat. Progress in the making! Finally, eight weeks later.


The stretches are still going to be a very nearly unmovingly slow process. But I think I can do it, my legs are not as tight as they used to be so that is at least some progress.

Cute Nutrition.

Banoffee Pie Flavoured.

I finished the yummy salted caramel flavour and have now just had the Banoffee pie flavour. It is so yummy! It tastes very much like a banana more than anything else but it is really nice. I am hoping that the banoffee pie flavour lasts as long as the salted caramel did.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!