Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 48 & 49.

Yes, yes, I know, I am really not staying on top of these at the moment which is hypocritical to what I posted like… last week? But yesterday was literally a day of workout then driving. Nothing else ensued after that. But I can say that yesterday I did the workout.

Warm Up.

This is getting to the point in which I only lose my breath at the jumping jacks, or cross jacks. I will take this as a good sign.

Legs & Glutes.

This is getting better. My lower back is not cramping as much as the first week I did this. I am going to take all of this as a good sign that I am showing improvement. It does still cramp but not until closer to the end of the video and it is mild enough that I can continue the workout to the end. I continue the workout to the end all the time but what I mean is I didn’t have to pause, run to my partner for a back massage, then return to it.

Hiit Workout.

Then there was this. Baring in mind that at this point I have just done legs, I am already immensely sweaty and my legs are already aching. This was just worse. Also because this is mostly explosive dynamic movements such as jumping, I remember doing this last time and not really making it properly, I mean I did them but I would have to sneak like extra seconds of breaks. This time I didn’t do that, I was shattered, I was breathing very heavy that I was pretty sure my partner could hear me from upstairs, but I was quite proud of myself I made it. Granted once it was done I flopped to the floor and lay on my back breathing.

Brutal Abs.

Last but not least was this. I was absolutely shattered, and my abs were burning before I reached halfway through the first exercise but I pushed my body through to the sweaty and achy end.


The cooldown doesn’t really feel any different. I still have to hold the poses in uncomfortable levels and I don’t think I am any deeper into the stretches than I was when I started… I really should have taken pictures for progress.

This was yesterday. Today is thankfully a rest day because yesterday I felt genuinely exhausted. Although the weather looks dry today and very clear I won’t be resting completely. But I will post more on the specifics of that another time. Today is a rest day, and for once it is going to be an active rest day. I suppose it is about time. I am at the end of week seven. Wow… One last week of this particular challenge. I am weirdly excited but also nervous as I will be starting a new one after this.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!