Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 45 & 46.

I would like to apologise for my absence yesterday. I mean, it was a rest day yesterday so you didn’t miss much. But my body decided it was going to contradict everything about itself yesterday. Let me explain, as I said in a previous post I came on my period. Argh! Now usually when I come on, I feel productive. Very productive, I will write, I will read, I will sort out the house, I will sort out the dogs, a weird sort of balance will ensue for about a week. And yesterday I did, I woke up yesterday thinking I really want to be productive. I got in the shower, felt really good, music on, dancing. Then I got out, my body started to cool down and that was when the contradiction hit. I suddenly felt like someone had been punching me repeatedly in the lower gut all night for me to wake up and feel the ache afterwards. I went in to the office to talk to my partner and he told me to just do nothing. Let my body do what it needs to do. Because I couldn’t seem to concentrate even though I wanted to be productive. I took his advice however, I sat on the couch in my dressing gown and a blanket and let my body get so warm the ache was none existent. That was how I stayed yesterday. But as soon as I would come out of the blanket and I would feel even a brief bit of coolness, the cramps would fade in. So, that was why I stayed like that. There, all caught up.

Warm up.

I think the reason this is still puffing me out is because I am trying to do the movements faster.

Full Body.

I remember doing this. Only once before and I completely forgot what exercises were in it. It didn’t feel too bad when I started but I knew I wasn’t going to last long. And I didn’t. I was knackered before even getting halfway through the workout.


I was exhausted by the time I got to this. My abs started burning very early on. I pushed through it but I was dripping in sweat once it was over. I also realised that I had forgotten to drink between the videos.


I am trying to push myself to stay in the stretch even though all over my just wants out. I really really just want to be out of the position. It isn’t a pinching or sharp pain, just uncomfortable. My legs hate stretching. I like stretching my back, but my legs just won’t do it.

I also noticed while working out that I have been calling love handles muffin tops… Argh I feel a little bit like an imbecile. My love handles is the part I really want to go. As well as the muffin top belly that I have going on.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!