Insurance Update.

Where I Last Left You.

It has been a while. Actually, it has been months. I think last I spoke about the dogs insurance I was still waiting for some form of movement. Well, I can tell you that I have news.

Predicted result.

Well, just as I had guessed it. My claim for Bandit was rejected. I knew it. They decided that his condition was pre-existing. The only frustrating part about this is the process. Was that there was only ever progress with the process because of me.

First, they asked me for me to get my vet to send them more information regarding his medical history. Which I did. I phoned my vets and they sent the email to the insurance company. After that I heard nothing. They didn’t message, nothing. So, I called them. I was told that the vets had sent the email ages ago, just the insurance company hadn’t found it. Eh? So that was supposed to go in for processing. And it had been sitting in their inbox? Great. Thanks…

Second, there seemed be a little confusion. I received yet another request for information regarding other vets that Bandit had had. What? I phoned again, and had to explain that Bandit since he was a puppy to now has only ever had one vet in his life. He was referred to the eye vet after he got this eye problem. The person on the phone understood eventually and logged it and told me that I should hear something in roughly ten days once the assessor has looked at it. OK great.

Third, I didn’t hear anything again. Nothing. I phoned again. Apparently a mistake had been made and the process had stopped moving entirely. The person on the phone apologised and said that he would put it on a fast track it so that it should be on the top of the pile. Great, alright. Stalling are we? Not that I am paying £100 a month? But ok.

Fourth, that wasn’t the end of it. Oh no. I, then get another request for what date did I notice Bandit’s eye problem. Oh god I don’t know, it has been a while. But I phone them again and give them my rough memory of when I noticed his eye problem. And once again that information should be sent through and I should hear something in ten days.

Fifth, I didn’t hear anything. Once again I waited eighteen days and still nothing. When I phoned them once again, apparently that same mistake had come up in which I provide information and the process isn’t slowed down it just stops. Not being funny but seriously? If I don’t phone up would the fact that my claim existed even come up? would it be found later? or never? Would years go by before someone goes oh shit that hasn’t been sorted? I know we are in a pandemic but what the fuck? how did the system become so none functioning? Well after this I asked if there was anymore information that would be needed. He said no, and now the assessor will make the decision.

After all of that faffing. I got an answer the very next day. No. They will not help me with his expensive medical bills, and since this condition has been deemed pre-existing they won’t help with anything that even remotely links to it… Well given his age… why am I paying £100 a month to a company that I will never see again and I won’t see any sort of service for, or any help…

Bandit and Luna are no longer insured. Once again. What a waste of money. Because had I not prompted them nothing would have happened anyway. It would have been like no claim had been made in the first place. I also made a complaint, not because the claim was rejected, I knew that was going to happen, but because of the piss poor service. I shouldn’t have to be the one to poke a company to do its job. Three nearly four months it took for any form of decision. Waste of my time. However, once again, I don’t think any information I have provided over the phone has gone through because I have yet to receive confirmation that the complaint was filed. I haven’t heard anything from the complaints department. How useless. So, for everyone out there let me just say if you have pet insurance, and you have pet insurance with the PDSA because you thought oh, get insurance and it is a charity to help other pets… yay! Not yay, just don’t bother with it. The claim just doesn’t go through unless you are literally behind the cart pushing the staff along.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!