Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 44.

I want today to be a good day. Today is the day when food is better as well as the exercise. I am back on the cute nutrition shakes which by the way is still absolutely gorgeous to the taste, and one tub flavour has lasted so long I am relieved. Slimming world meals for tea. All I need to workout is what to have for lunch. But today I feel good. I think I am finally going to make progress in the weight loss division. Come on body, lets get back to our original smaller waistline size again please.

Warm Up.

I still get breathless with the warm up. It’s the jumping jacks. Evil jumping jacks.

Arms & Upper Body.

This video feels really good to do. My shoulders don’t burn like they did when I first started the challenge. I am still sweaty enough that it drips down my face. The arms workouts are working my abs now as well which means that my form is getting better.

Brutal Abs.

Oh dear abs, I am sorry to do this to you but we are going to push it. Strangely, where I feel it most is the muffin top areas. Is that weird? I hope that means that the muffin tops will disappear a little faster! Ha! I wish, I really just want to look better than I do right now.


Then there was this one. What the fuck are groiners? Someone help me? Haha! I don’t really get them, but they make me feel messy when I do them. But, I did them and I think I have found another exercise that I am disliking. Side planks. The first thing to go when I do this exercise are my shoulders. But the side planks are the last thing so that is my one relief.


I feel really good about today. Though my stretches could still do with some work again. My legs won’t do it and I don’t know if my back bend will ever improve either. But, I am going to really try from now on. Today felt really good. Hopefully, today is the start to the actual weight loss side of things.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!