Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 43.

I appear to be in a romantic mood today. The first thing I have put on after doing the workout is a romance film. Ha. Anyway, back to the point. Today was a full body blow out today. Two full body workout videos. One is thirty minutes and the other is only ten but holy hell I went through some amount of feelings and sensations. Honestly, I felt really reluctant to do any of the workouts today. I wanted to stay in bed and just not bother. It didn’t help the female body kicked into gear last night which just made me feel even more gross about myself than I already do. But I got up, got dressed and sorted out my morning like I needed to. So, the bins went out, the washing went in, the dish washer turned on, and the dogs have been out and fed, then I laid out my fitness mat and turned on the TV. Even when I was staring at the warm up video I nearly convinced myself that I could just turn it off now and chill. I bit the bullet and got to moving.

Warm Up.

Once I got moving I was fine. The urge to just turn it off and not do it disappeared completely.

Full Body.

I feel like I haven’t done this video in a long time however, I was performing a lot better than the first time I ever did this seven weeks ago. But it still killed me. There was a moment I stood up from a exercise thinking shit I can’t breathe. When it was done I thought, holy crap I have another full body workout… and she labelled it a burnout. This isn’t the first time I have done either of these videos. But it is the first time I have done them together.

Full Body Burnout.

There was a minute of burpees how the hell did I survive? There was a moment I felt dizzy, and another moment I thought I really need to lie down. There were jumping jacks as well which I really wish there weren’t any. I don’t know why but jumping jacks I just hate. Argh!


For some reason today I was tight and sore and just not ready for the stretches. My glutes and hamstrings keep cramping. So, clearly today was maybe not my best day but I am more proud of myself for just starting the workout and not skipping it like my body really wanted to.

Thank you so much reading. Write again soon. Bye!