Beyond the Exercise.

Right now.

At the moment I have posted randomly here and there about other things other than the exercise. However, I would like to make the other posts a little more regular as well as the exercise. For some reason it just hasn’t happened and I am not altogether sure as to why.

I am using my posts to sort of keep myself in check with the workouts that I am doing. It keeps me on track to a degree because if I don’t do the workouts and I complain about being fat… It won’t just be me that knows that it is because I have been a lazy bugger, it will be all of you too.

But now I would like to start posting other things regularly as well. The exercise posts won’t stop, I would just like to do more.

Post topics.

  • The Dogs.
  • Writing.
  • Blog stories.
  • Pole and Aerial training.
  • Reading.

Not all of them but for some of these topics I may have sub categories for them but I will work that out later. But yes, I would like to start posting regularly on these things. I used to, and then for some reason that posting just stopped. Quite tragically.


I won’t be posting all of these different topics everyday… I think that would almost be borderline spamming. It would also be completely unnecessary. So I am thinking that each topic can have one day a week. Some of these topics will have sub categories which will make it easier to spread them over a seven day week. I think I just need to spend my week planning what day is going to be focused on what.

Visual Content.

I also need to prepare visual content. Unlike the Chloe Ting workouts in which I can just post her videos on the post, the other topics will need their own little something extra. An example, the pole and aerial training topic, will probably be better with a picture or video of whatever it is I am doing and where I am up to in my training. I have something I may try out for the reading section of posts but I don’t want to reveal that yet until I have mustered up the bravery to try it out.

My plan is to work out all of the kinks tomorrow on my rest day from the exercises. That would give me a full day to get my brain in on the idea as well because it can be a bit slow on the uptake.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!