Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 36

I nearly made today a unplanned rest day because of my birthday tomorrow and the fact that I have a pile of diabetes treats in the fridge that need to be eaten. No, in case you were wondering, I can’t just save it for when I am eventually skinny, one of them has been baked by my mother who put time and effort to make it. Plus it is so tasty! Well done mum. However, I decided against the rest day because that would mean today and tomorrow being rest days which would lead into an eight day stint of workouts which I don’t think my body is ready for. Christ, no. So, I am just going to be a good girl and stick to the schedule. We have learnt from this.

Warm Up.

I’m starting to do the warm up faster so I can fit more movements in to the time frame set. This is helping boost my heart rate but I still can’t get over how much I hate jumping jacks.

Full Body destruction.

This could have been scheduled by itself. It has a mini warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end. So, if you’re looking for a workout but don’t want to do the full schedules, just want one video to do regularly, this is the one. Holy hell. Warm up followed by four sets. Each set had four exercises in it, and each set was repeated three times. Each exercise was one after the other with no breaks between. The breaks were between sets and repeats. Well, I was drenched in sweat. Drenched. I also came to the discovery that I may need new trainers because I don’t think the arches of my feet are being supported enough. While doing some of the exercises the arches of my feet were killing me.

Get Shredded Abs.

I was so sweaty I was slipping and sliding all over my fitness mat by the time this exercise came up. I was also shattered. Everything ached and I just didn’t feel like I could catch my breath. By the time it ended, I was shaky, I was drenched, and I could barely breathe.


When the cooldown came up Bandit had decided to invade my fitness mat. It was kind of nice, stretching and having a fluffy monster to stroke and take my mind off the fact that I felt like I had just been put through a war zone. I have recovered now after having a nice shower, but oh wow, where is my fitness right now? It just feels like the weeks are getting harder. Ha!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!