Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer shred Challenge.

Day 32.

Today was supposed to be the rest day, and yesterday I was supposed to do what I did today but I needed to let my belly button piercing rest. I am going to be honest, I am not feeling into it today, I just wasn’t in it.

Warm up.
Oh my god.

I completely forgot about this workout. This was the high knee toe tap thing and since I had only done it once before I nearly died again. I could barely breathe. Anything that gets my heart pounding really kills me off.

God damn it.

This is another video I had sort of forgotten about that I only recall doing it once before today. Another video in which I could barely catch my breath. My body was just so tired. My legs were giving up. When this finished I dropped to the floor and lay on the ground slowly dying.

God damn it.

At this point my legs just didn’t want to function anymore. And because this video works a lot of lifting your legs in the air to work your lower abs my body had had enough. And mentally, I don’t think I was in it. I kept going to finish the video, but I don’t think I pushed myself to the limit this time.


I was still sweaty and exhausted and panting for my life. But I know I just mentally wasn’t completely motivated for it today. I could have done better if I pushed it. To be honest, if I have learnt anything from doing Pole and Aerial for years it is just that there will be days when your heart is just not in it. Or you just have a bad day in which the body doesn’t do everything that you ask it to. Good days, bad days, amazing days, utter shit days, and days somewhere in between. It happens to everyone, and can happen anytime. So, I am not punishing myself too much about it. But I am just going to keep going.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!