Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 24

Oh my god. I made it. I fucking made it. (Pardon the language) Oh wow. I feel really drained. I can’t wait for the rest day tomorrow. The one out of two days I am not going to be sweaty. I can’t believe I made it. There were a couple of times when I thought ‘Can’t I just take another early rest day?’. I told myself off and kept getting up to workout. Now I am on the last day of the five day punishment stint and ha! to my inner weakness! I made it!

Warm up.

Yes, always make sure you get that warm up.

Legs & Booty.

This still made my lower back cramp close to the end. I was desperate to run to my partner so he could massage the cramp out of my lower back but I resisted and continued the workout. Once this ended, I dropped to the floor and lay flat on my back for a minute. The cramp immediately left my body. Thank god! I did do a tiny bit of research, and I don’t even think you can count it as research more just like a brief search on google on what it might be. Apparently, it could be a few things, but I think the one it most likely is, is that I am sitting down for too long during the day.


For the love of my poor hip flexors and lower abs, why didn’t I stop at the legs and booty? Because I want to look like that. (Imagine me pointing at the video’s cover). My abs burned so much, my hip flexors felt tired, and my lower abs ache spread into my love handles as well. She still beats me into submission every workout she has assigned.

Cool down.

I can positively say that I am getting a little better with my stretches. But because today was a mix of legs and abs my legs ached in one of the lunge positions. But, I am getting better, I’m able to press through the burn by stretching beyond my comfort point. So, another win I suppose for me.

Even though I am halfway through the fourth week I am still sweating to the point that it drips into my eyes. My poor eyeballs don’t like me for that. I am thinking about adjusting my life so that the cramp in my lower back will… (Pardon me again) fuck off. Maybe standing at my dining room table while I am writing? We will see.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!