Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 23

As you can see from the picture, that is my view for most of my exercise. Yes my beautiful babies staying as close as they can to the workout area. It is cute but it makes the workouts a little more difficult when I am worried about dodging a canine, never mind dodging two. Luckily though, Chloe Ting decided today she was going for the arms.

Warm up.
Arms & Upper Body. x1

I have done this video a few times now and I will say it still makes me ache but I can finally do a press up. An actual press up. Not a tiny dip with my elbows and hoping that counts. Well, I could do the press ups this time.

Arms & Upper Body. x2

My arms were shattered. The shoulders were aching and when I was impressed with myself that I could do press ups I felt that progress died a little bit. But all that means is I need to develop the arm stamina.

Chest with Weights.

Then the weights came out and my arms could barely lift them to my chest. Never mind pressing the weights out. This killed me. I really tried to push myself but the muscles didn’t want to respond. But I still got through the exercises without stopping.

Cool down.

The stretches are getting easier, I am trying to push my body further in the stretches but I do have an annoying lingering injury in my left leg that is slowing things down. But I do think there is a little progress.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!