Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 22

Wow. I am so tired right now. I am not sore, and I am not achy. I just feel a little drained. And after today I have been battered. Which is not good since I have two days left before another rest day… Argh! Why did I do this to myself? Because I am stupid.

But this is the beginning of week 4, I am nearly halfway through this program. I keep thinking about how I am going to structure this. If I should take a break between the programs she has or if I should just slip into the different programs one after the other like they are just one massive program? The second option seems a bit extreme and might overwhelm me. But then again the first option might lead to what happened during the first lockdown. Finish a program, make some form of progress, then stop and go fat again. I would be like the UK lockdown only with fitness on then off, on then off, on then off. I really don’t want that. So I kind of have to consider my options.

Warm up.

I saw what was listed on today’s line up. I saw numbers on the cover of the first video and I just knew. Oh god, this is going to be hard. I was not wrong.

250 Calories… Is that all? Are we sure?

Chloe Ting has turned me into a whinge bag. I realise that she has to make the weeks harder and harder as the program goes on. But I am still struggling to complete a full video without sneaking an extra five seconds between the exercises just to recover enough to bring myself to do the next exercise.


I remember this one. I have done this one before and oh how the abs burn. Especially my lower abs. This didn’t actually kill me off as much as the first time I did this video. So, that may be a sign that I am close to the halfway point and progress is happening. Maybe?

Cool down.

By the time I got to the cool down I had mountain climbed out of my shoes. And I got so annoyed by them that I just kept them off instead of fiddling with trying to pop them back on my feet just for them to slip off again. Normally, for home workouts, I actually like the idea of doing the workouts in either bare feet or socks. However! Last year when the lockdown first happened, because Chloe Ting does a lot of planks, lunges, exercises like them, I tore the skin on my big toe. This meant that I couldn’t do certain exercises, push ups, and planks had to be done on my knees, Lunges became one leg squats with a tip of my toe tapping the floor behind me. But I did not put any weight on that toe. However, because I reached the end of this workout I just left the shoes off. I am going to say it felt really strange to stretch without my shoes on this time around. Ha! I still did it though, and I feel pretty good right now while typing.

I am starting to think that fitness works an awful lot like a run. A long distance run. For the first mile, your body goes into shock and literally rejects the idea of exercising. That is week one! Then for the second mile your body goes, OK, yeah, I can find a rhythm here. Second week. Third mile you feel alright your tired but you can keep going. Third week. Fourth mile however, you feel the exhaustion, your body is tired and somewhere down the line you consider stopping, but you don’t you have made it this far. Five mile, the adrenalin kicks in, and all your body is processing is just keep kicking one foot in front of the other. Fifth week. If this is how this workout is going to go then I will just have to push through week 4 and I hope you all don’t mind I seem to be a little bit whiney. I will get over it, and I will try to remain positive. After this week though I am going to measure my progress… I am scared. I haven’t exactly been healthy with my food last week… I had a massive craving for ice cream and nutella. Has anyone tried that? Maybe you should, it is so good. Yum!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!