Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 21

After today, which was supposed to be the rest day, but is now the workout today. The workout program challenge will be back on track. Woo! I can pretend that the little sneaky rest day duvet day just didn’t happen. Now, on to today.

I stupidly mislead myself today into thinking after yesterday, today may not be so bad. Ha! I must be so stupid. Chloe Ting gives you that workout, and puts the work in to the word workout. I forgot that whether I am doing two videos or four or even just one. I am going to be a sweaty exhausted mess heap on my fitness mat.

Warm up.

Remember, always warm up!

Low Impact. High Sweat.

I mislead myself into thinking of great, no jumping, I may live a little bit better. Oh no. I was so wrong. What was I thinking? She doesn’t need jumping to get my heart to feel like it is about to explode. She doesn’t need jumping to make my legs burn, my abs crumple, and my arms to just ache. And oh she did. I was sweating and panting, and really honestly I don’t want to lift my legs up to my chest anymore. My hip flexors just can’t take it. Well… they will because this workout is not over plus I’m only on week 3 of 8 but still – Argh! -.

My butt… My legs…

I have done this a couple of times this week and I would say I am getting better at it. Sort of. The cramping in my lower back doesn’t kick in until the last exercise of the second circuit. I pushed through the cramp until the video finished completely instead of pausing it in the middle, and then I ran upstairs and made my partner massage the cramp out of my lower back.

Cool down.

It is always important to cool down.

By this point, I just zoned out. I did the movements but I wasn’t really thinking about it. It wasn’t until I got to the pigeon pose I was like oh… I’m here. The pigeon pose seems to be getting better, my glutes are still really tight though. I am one week away from the halfway point of this program and so far… I don’t know if I am seeing any change. I feel the difference, I feel different. Fingers crossed for next week with my halfway point progress.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!