Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 19 & 20

Alright, so I did a naughty. Yesterday was kind of a blip in literally everything. I just stayed in bed. All day, and when I was sort of thinking about convincing myself to get out of bed I didn’t. Until my partner finished work and then he joined me in the bed. We cuddled. I got even more comfy and that kind of decided that yesterday was a accidental duvet day. We took our duvet downstairs and we sat on the couch, ate crap, played games, and that was basically it. Actually, no let me rephrase that, that was it. So, falling off the set timetable a little bit with the workout but not the end of the world. To explain it, Sunday’s rest day I had yesterday which means I did yesterdays workout today, I will do today’s workout tomorrow, and then Monday I will be back on track with the normal schedule. This is however going to be punishing. I discovered yesterday that on week 4 Chloe Ting changes the time table up a little bit, so instead of doing two days then rest then three days then rest, it has changed to three days then rest then two days then rest. Because I was stupid and had my rest day yesterday instead of Sunday… this means I am going to be doing five days solid of workouts before my next rest day.

Oh yay… and can I just say, she started this punishing five days of workouts hard. Oh, my, god.

Warm up.

Never skip the warm up. Seriously.

Erm. Shoulders? Are you still there?

This hurt, like really hurt. My arms and shoulders were not ready to face this video. Week 3 she has seriously upped her game for this challenge. This wasn’t one of those pant, pant, pant, exhaustion type videos. This was your muscles are going to burn and they are going to hurt. They are not going to thank you for it right now. Maybe later, but not today. Chloe Ting suddenly became Satan to my shoulders. Which did not fill me with joy when I saw what was next.

Arms? Upper body.

Well, this just felt like that saying – adding insult to injury – this definitely added something to my agony induced shoulders. I didn’t think they would function anymore. They barely made it through the exercises. What made this beautiful workout for today even more disgusting was that by the end of this video I was only halfway! There were still two more videos and a cool down. Why did I have the rest day yesterday? This was seriously unwise.

Standing Abs.

I have done this video before so I knew what was coming. The difference between this time and last time, today I have done two arms videos that have completely wiped me out. Last time I had only done one! I gave it my best shot though, and clearly I was pushing my body to a limit because I thought I was going to be sick for a moment if I had to lift my legs up anymore. I am taking this as a sign that I have weak lower abs and hip flexors.

More Abs

I was barely functioning altogether for this video. I pushed to get through it but I am pretty sure after the last video I was ready for this workout to end so I could just flop. Which I did. After my shoulders burned, and my abs ached I became a sweaty mess on my fitness mat just trying to breathe. The sweat got into my eyes and everything during this workout. I don’t know how much you all know about getting sweat in your eyes but that burns, your eyebrows are there to stop that sort of thing from happening. When you are sweating to the point that the eyebrows main function isn’t working you’ve clearly pushed yourself hard.

Cool down.

Always cool down. Or you should. Even if you are exhausted and have to get someone else to peel you off the floor, you should cool down. I had to peel myself off of my own fitness mat but I did and I stretched out my very tired body. I didn’t copy all of the stretches to a complete perfect, that lunge pose she is doing there, with her arms in the air. Ha! She said and lift your arms over your head. My body said “Fuck no”. I still arched my back to intensify that stretch on my hip flexor and pressed my butt down to the ground but my arms were not lifting beyond the elbow.

She punished me today. This also means I am a little nervous about tomorrow. Fingers crossed for my survival.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!