Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 17 – Rest Day!

Oh yes! Rest day! I can sleep in! And because Luna has done so good, I am sleeping in, in my own bed! What can I say, you just can’t beat the bed my partner bought. The mattress for gods. My body is back to normal given that when I was waking up from the couch I felt stiff and a little broken.

From yesterdays workouts I am a little sore, just around the armpit area. And my glutes are still sore from the day before. I think this rest day is definitely needed. I know it has only been two days since the last rest day but it is healthy to have two rest days a week and killer if you don’t space them out during the week. I also think these rest days are helping me keep on track. If I do too many workouts in a row at the moment I might lose motivation. So, bring it on Rest Day!