Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 16

My arse from yesterday is so sore and tight. I’m starting to wonder if these workouts are just designed to move all of my fat into my arse. My glutes are super sore and tight right now from yesterdays annihilation. I seem to be dreading this week, and next week just because naturally with any workout the longer you get into it, the harder it will get. Am I ready for this workout to get harder? Probably, I just have self-doubts because she kills me each and every time.

Warm up.

Nice and Easy.

Arms & Upper Body

I really pushed myself for this workout. I really want to see the improvements. And I think I have been improving. I can now do a push up. Whereas at the beginning… I definitely could not! So improvements! Yay!

Chest and Weights.

This still killed my arms. I think my weights may be a little too heavy to start with but I gave it my best shot. By the third exercise I could barely lift them away from my chest. When this video ended my arms felt like jelly. The last exercise was up and down plank and I didn’t think I could lift myself back up.


This is where I seemed to show the most progress. I could do the workouts for longer without pausing in the middle. I was recovering a little faster between exercises. This video made me feel a little better since the chest and weights video.

Cool down.

In my stretches I still feel tight but I am able to reach better or sit better in the positions so I am hoping that is a little progress. Or at least a sign of progress, I haven’t been taking pictures of me stretching so I won’t really know. My body could be tricking me.

Overall I think my recovery is improving. I think that is the next part to improvement. So week 1 is body shock. Week 2 is mood improvement. Week 3 is recovery improvement. I could be wrong about this but stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!