Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 13

I slept on the couch last night so my body was not feeling totally one hundred percent. Before you worry about that! No, I was not on the couch because of a fight with my partner. My partner and I are not fighting and even if we were none of us would end up on the couch. No, I was on the couch to keep an eye on a certain pooch. I may explain why today but right now this post is not about that.

Warm up.

This is definitely getting better. I am getting warm but I am not broken before I get to the main workout this time. The only thing that really gets me going are the stupid jumping jacks at the end. I hate those.

Full Body.

This definitely felt better. I didn’t need to take extra seconds of breaks between the exercises like when I first started. Plus I could do more of the exercises within the time frame. Don’t get me wrong though it is still intense enough to kill me off by the time it ended.

Oh yes, I do have abs.

I have not done this video before. Oh my god my abs really did burn. I also realised that one of my weak points are my lower abs. I felt the ache in my muffin top flabby bits. I am hoping this means that these muffin top sides are going to disappear soon! I was aching so much and sweating so much it was dripping down my face. When this ended she killed me again.

Cool down.

I am definitely getting my flexibility. My pigeon pose is getting better! I hope that one day this means I will get my splits!

I did a progress photo of myself today and weighed myself due to the fact that today is our reward day in which we order takeaway food and eat a nice tub of low calorie ice cream. I didn’t want to be bloated more than normal. So, I did the workout and then measured and took pictures of myself.

Two weeks of Chloe Ting.

Look! Two lines that weren’t there at the beginning! And according to the scales I lost two pounds this week! Yay!

At least some of us are comfy.

They weren’t in my exercise space at the beginning of the workout. But they were there in the end. Trying to dodge a dog while sweaty and exhausted. Just added to the challenge.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!