Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge.

Day 12

I’m not having a particularly good day today, and I don’t really know how to feel about it. But that bad start to the day has sort of put a damper on my mood and thoughts while I was doing the workout. I was actually half a mind to just skip the workout today. However, I didn’t skip, I am doing well, I wanted to keep that up.

Every day after I do a work out I feel really good. I feel better and better about myself. Not to look at but when I think about it I am a lot better in my head than I was before I started the workouts.

Warm up.

Today was easier because I wasn’t dodging the dogs this morning. I can explain that later.

Full Body, Low Impact, High Sweat.

This was surprisingly good, she got my heart pumping and my sweat dripping without a single jump. I am proud to say I wasn’t so destroyed that I thought my lungs and heart were going to pop, and given that this is a new exercise video I haven’t done yet. That is quite good. To be totally honest, when I started I wasn’t sure if I could even be bothered. However, when I did start I got into the swing of it and pushed myself like I normally do.

Arms & Upper body x1

This was a lot better, I didn’t need to take long extra breaks. This didn’t tire me out in the sense of intense chest cleaving I need to breathe sort of tire me out. It was my shoulders and arms that were aching and burning. When this video ended my arms and shoulders were already dead which was not good news for them.

Arms & Upper body x 2

Yes, she didn’t want people to do this once but twice! Argh! My arms did not want to function when this was over. When it ended I just sat on my knees and let my arms hang.

Cool down.

I am improving. My flexibility is slowly getting there. I’m not quite as uncomfortable in certain positions anymore. However, this does mean next week I will push my stretching by deepening the stretches. Which means this nice comfy level I’m at is not going to last. Oh cry.

Because today started off quite badly, my mood was not too excited about either doing the workout. Or the fact that I got through the videos better than the last time. I can feel and have noticed the difference from when I first started to now. But I am just not feeling to happy. I burned out the bulk of my frustrations but I am still sort of on the line between frustrated and unhappy.

By the way, to explain the picture. The wet spot is a sweat stain from my forehead.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!