The Air Awakens

Book Two

Elise Kova

I finished the second book roughly a couple of weeks ago… I finished it and was going to post about it. Except I started reading the third book and all I can say is “Oh how the mighty have fallen”. So, I have put off writing about this book that I read. But I am going to brave it now.


I don’t know the official blurb to this book because it is all in one massive collection together. But I can give a rough about without giving away what happens.

Vhalla is sent to war as the official property of the crown. But before she gets to the war she has to travel to it. Aldrik, the crown prince, helps train her. This develops an awkward relationship between the two of them in which they bounce between if they are close or not.

This leads to Vhalla developing relations with other character whom we had already met but didn’t really get to know. They stop off at a place called the Crossroads. This is where the Windwalker really develops into whatever or whoever it is she wants to be. There is love, loss, and betrayal and revelations.


This went about as smoothly as the first one. From what I remember thinking about this one was that it was getting a little confusing with the juggling between if the two of them are really in love or not. Plus she starts to grow a close relationship with a another Character called Daniel.

This worries me, I can guess exactly where this is developing. He is giving her little glancing signals which she picks up quite early on. Plus the two of them are always thrown together when the prince is not around. This is something I am not too sure about at first but then nothing happens and the prince and Vhalla finally grow intimate.

This second book did not impact me as much as the first book. Which is a little bit of a shame because there are three books after this. And because I am currently struggling through the third book I can tell you it’s not going well.

There is a tragedy that I sort of saw coming because of an odd equilibrium. But still out of all the characters she would have been an interesting one to actually follow. But the main character’s dependence on this character had to end if she was going to develop on her own so the author was not frightened to do so.

Another thing I also notice was the author is not adverse to blood and gore. Heads are literally exploding. I’m not joking. I am not even being rhetorical. Literal head explosions.

In the first book I was exploding with emotions. The second book not so sure. I’m halfway through the third book and I can tell you… be prepared for the rant.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!