Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 11

Yesterday’s rest day was great. My hamstrings felt like that had one huge knot in the middle of them both. Plus, once again my butt was sore. This seems to be a running pattern for me. My butt seems to be doing most of the work. The only thing is I was dreading what was coming today because last time I did one of the videos last week I nearly died.

Warm up.

This is getting easier, I was still warmed up, but I wasn’t already sweaty before I hit the main workout.

Oh Jesus…

This still killed me. I was still dying with a set of lungs and a heart that couldn’t keep up with the workout. But! I found the seventy five second high knees was more bearable and the burpees didn’t kill me as quickly as the last time. I think that is the sign of my progress. My body is not changing but my fitness is improving I will take that as a win.

I’m not sure I have abs after this.

Oh wow, I have discovered something terrible about myself. Lower abs do not exist in my body. And upper abs feel like they had been set on fire! Fifteen minutes of abs exercises. I was burning and aching and felt really tired by the time this ended. I have not done this video before, so she is still throwing new things at me.

Cool down.

My pigeon seems to be getting better! As well as my calves. Yes! Thank god. I am discovering improvements. This week is the week for improvements in fitness and flexibility as well as my mood. Yeah, I am halfway through my second week!

As close as possible.

Just in case no one believes me about this. This is were Bandit decided to lie down for most of the workout. I have to avoid him while I was shattered and aching. Why would he test me like that?

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!