Cute Nutrition

Day 3

Oh my god! I definitely saved the best flavour to last! Yes, yes, yes. Cookies and Cream. Oh wow it was so nice! Just because it is so tasty everyone should try this flavour. Even if you’re not on a diet. It is just so tasty!

One thing I have noticed is that I have managed to avoid snacking between meals since trying out the shakes. I will take that as a win. Though my partner bought a set of scales yesterday. I weighed myself yesterday and oh my god I am heavier than I thought I was. Which probably means it is going to take me longer than I had planned to get to a size I will be happy with.

Hopefully, my parcel for the regular shakes will arrive today, it has gone out for delivery this morning. Fingers crossed! Can’t wait!

Thank you so much for reading! Write again soon! Bye!