Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 10 – Rest Day!

I think I was looking forward to this rest day just because yesterday Chloe Ting killed me. I also realised it was well needed because this morning I woke up sore. But I wasn’t sore in the places that I probably be sore. My butt and the back of my legs, so my hamstrings, and my hip flexors.

The standing ab workout weirdly really worked my butt and hip flexors. Which is what has made them sore today. But today is a rest day! So the most I am going to do activity wise is walk the dogs. Which I have done already for this morning as you can see. Then they have an hour walk later in the day. Woo! Happy Rest Day!

Thank you so much for reading! Write again soon! Bye!