Bandit’s nails

Fighting a losing battle

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue but I just thought I would explain it because I don’t think the vet really listened when my mum and I tried to tell him that Bandit’s nails were practically indestructible. They are so thick and chunky that walking him or even jogging when we used to go running did nothing to grind them down.

They grow so long that he could be a tap dancer! But this is not from my lack of trying to cut them down. I basically spend on hour a day on one nail. Yes. One nail. Trying to cut it down. And I need to use a combination of tools.

The first tool I have to use to attack the massive job that his nails are is a dog nail grinder. You can’t just clip through them, they are so solid! I took him to a groomer once and she was squeezing for a full ten seconds. Her fist was shaking. She just could not get through them. Which is how this grinder comes into play.

I may have got a bit grinder happy on one of his dew claws that I went too high and nearly went through a nerve. In a panic of realisation, I let it grow out before going the rest of the way of chopping that nail. Now, because of this stupid mistake I have decided to approach this differently. Instead of going for a high line and hoping the nerve isn’t there, I went for smaller chunks lower down the nail and I will be slowly working up the nail until he stops sounding like a tap dancer on my dining room floor.

Anyway, back to the grinder, I have figured out I can use the grinder to remove the harder shell of the nail. This may be obvious to everyone but to anyone who doesn’t know, and because I learnt this from my beautiful boy, dog nails have a hard shell and then a soft core. And the hard shell is harder again at the front of the nail. So, I use the grinder to remove as much of the hard outer shell as possible. Then I would concentrate on the back of the nail. Because the nail is so soft the grind just spins through it. Up until you get to that annoying hard piece at the front. Which you will see in the photo above.

That little nub of a nail left… is the part that the grinder will take over an hour to work through. This is also the part in which I gave up with the grinder and pulled out the nail clippers. I chopped that last nub off.

This whole process took roughly forty minutes. That is for one nail. I will have to repeat this cycle every day now until he eventually stops sounding like a tap dancer on the dining room floor.

Nail clipping tools.

Thank you so much for reading! Write again soon! Bye!