Luna vs Beds

Yesterday’s Disaster.

I may have broke my promise yesterday and said that I would post about this yesterday. Well, I am making up for it now. I didn’t post last night because I was just tired and wanted to watch Big Bang Theory with my partner for the night.

Anyway, yesterday I woke up to another Luna bestseller. Once again in a fight between Luna and a dog bed, Luna comes out the victor. For some unknown reason she had shit the bed. I don’t know what would have caused her to do that. Usually it means she has eaten something she should not have.

This left me with a dilemma, cleaning another dog bed. I threw it outside again in the dog bed graveyard and threw washing detergent over it. I left it for the night to soak in that detergent.

Then I attacked it today. Soaked it in washing up liquid and then scrubbed it with carpet cleaner. That did it. There was no more poop on the bed. It is now outside and drying in the sun.

The only question left is WHY!? Why does she ruin beds? She had been out before she went to bed, I slept I got up and I was going to walk her. Something made her unable to hold it.

But that was my unhappiness. I wasn’t raging screaming angry, but I was not a happy bunny yesterday morning. It set my whole day of the plan. I managed to still get things done but everything was later than it should have been. She seems fine now as well. I made her and Bandit share a bed last night and the two of them are completely fine. Once the bed is dry everything should be back to normal.

Tips if you have a puppy, or dog that has pooped the bed, or been sick, or even bled on the bedding, the best thing I have found to clean it is carpet cleaner Dr Beckmann. This has done wonders for me so far.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!

Oh Luna, so beautiful but just not lady like.