Cute Nutrition

Day 2

Today was the chocolate flavoured sachet. Oh, yummy! I have prepped this before doing the workout this morning, but I waited and did the workout before having it. It was worth it. Tasty, yummy, goodness.

I felt really good yesterday. It helped me feel full but not bloated or heavy which is great. I hate feeling so bloated and heavy. It makes me feel worse about myself afterwards. I don’t feel so guilty about having something either.

Today, is no different. I feel really good, it tasted yummy, and I took the dogs for a walk afterwards. Once again, I am full but not bloated or heavy. This is working out great so far. I will be taking progress photos eventually, I am just a little scared. My partner also decided to order a set of scales… I am going to weigh myself and see how heavy I actually am. I am terrified.

Cute Nutrition Unboxing.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!