Cute Nutrition

Day 1 – Three Day trial.

I did promise that there was going to be more than just Chloe Ting on this blog. I have not lied. This is not either part of my dogs or books. But as a second promise I will definitely post about them both today.

At the end of last week an advert came up while I was doing the workouts which is probably how it got me. It may also just be a sign that I am possibly very gullible. The advert was for something called cute nutrition.

The first thing that I saw on this advert was meal replacement shake. Now, I am very aware that meal replacement shakes are not really great, not maintainable and blah, blah, blah. So, I was going to ignore it. Try and get through this weight-loss the proper way. However, it dawned on me that me and my partner don’t eat enough healthy things to help with this whole weight loss plan. Of a morning we were both eating Belvita breakfast soft bake bars. Which are tasty but everyone knows and all of your doctors will tell you that the amount of sugar in those things could give a perfectly healthy never eaten sugar adult diabetes in one bar. As well as that I was constantly experiencing an acidic throat after eating one of a morning. My throat would be on fire, and would stay that way all day! It was torturous. There were points I just couldn’t cope, I took some of my partner’s rennies just to ease it. I had to take two doses and it still didn’t work.

I needed a replacement, and this happened to come up. I am aware of how adverts work. So, I know that my tech was listening out for words such as replacement, meal, that sort of thing. But it worked. I needed something that wasn’t going to make me feel like I was burning from the inside out, and claimed to have all the essentials that my body needs to function. I would have gone for fruit like my partner has with bananas, but I need bananas to be at a certain point before I am ready to eat them. To all nutritionists and dietitians out there judging, yes I am a picky eater but I don’t like the after taste of bananas before they get to the point that I like them. I don’t fancy forcing myself to eat it. I already tried that with salad. As a result of this, I decided to commit.

I checked out their website. They have quite a lot on there. Some of the stuff on there I thought not a chance weight loss capsules are not really a good idea. There is sadly no quick fix to getting to that ideal weight. I kept to the replacement shakes. They have quite a few flavours which caught me. However, I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to. I decided to try the three day trial pack that they have available.

The three day trial includes three sachets of the shake replacement, three different flavours, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream. Unfortunately, there was no option to pick the flavours. But I could forgive that given that the trial also included the cute shake cup.

I was going to wait, try out the three day trial and if I liked them or thought they worked I would then commit to regular shakes… Probably for the rest of my life. But I saw myself in the mirror in my bedroom. Even though I had been exercising and I didn’t feel or look any different at all. I know it was only a week and nothing happens instantaneously, but it was a self-esteem killer. So I committed to ordering the full shakes, enough to last two months.

The flavours I picked, I’m imagining, are going to be so yummy I am drooling at the thought. Vanilla. I am always a fan of vanilla, vanilla ice cream being my favourite. Cookies and Cream… I just imagine this is going to be just as creamy tasty as the vanilla. I will find out in the three day trial. Salted Caramel… who doesn’t love a bit of caramel? Then the last one I decided to try out because it is limited edition and I do like me some of it. Banofee Pie. Oh, I am looking forward to that!

I tried the first shake today of the three day trial. Strawberry. It was actually yummy. It also filled me without making me feel heavy or bloated. In fact I felt quite energised. I know it is only day one, but hey! I feel pretty good after that shake today. On top of this, I am not on fire from the inside out. I am really looking forward to the shake tomorrow! Oh sweet chocolate! I will check in again tomorrow!

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon! Bye!