Chloe Ting – 2018 Summer Shred Challenge

Day 6

My shoulders were sore, my upper body felt pretty tight after yesterday. However, today I am going to call it wipe out day. Chloe Ting, you did it, you wiped me out. Just when I thought my body may have been physically improving or at least showing signs of improvement. I take it all back. I was proven completely wrong by today. Oh wow… I was not prepared for what she threw at me today.

Warm up.

I did the warm up, unaware of what was to come next. The only good thing I noticed about today was when I woke up I got up, got dressed, and got started. There was no pause or hesitation. (Although I imagine I probably should have given pause for what was coming). Which means this may just become routine for me.

She sent me to hell.

She got straight into it. My surprise began to tick when she said seventy seconds of high knees. What!? My surprise turned into a realisation “Oh no”. Burpees for a whole minute! Now, I used to not mind burpees, but I was very aware of how much they can just exhaust your body in just two goes. This realisation transformed into a punishing self-cursing “What the F*** was I thinking?”. I could not breathe! I had to walk for a couple of seconds once the video was over and then was punished further with the next video.


I thought I couldn’t breathe before? Suffocation took on a whole new meaning. My heart beat was having trouble keeping up with my body. I had to take longer breaks just to catch my breath a little bit. I was beaten but today did not end with that video.

Ho, yeah, because I have abs right now.

I was exhausted. Any form that I had improved on over the week. Is dead. Died. I was so sweaty, I was so tired, and all of me ached never mind the burn in my abs during this video. Once this video was over I lay on the ground just breathing. Once I sort of recovered I got up to cool down.

Cool down.

My arms didn’t want to lift over my head in that lunge position, and honestly all I wanted to do was lie down. She completely killed me off today. The only salvation was that tomorrow is a rest day. Oh I can’t wait! Rest day come at me.

Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!